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Aditya Thakur


An indian approach to racism!

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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According to the world values survey, the second most racist country is non other than our India, where non-natives as well as natives are treated differently; natives differentiation specifically based on skin colour and their origin.

The people literally stop and stare. It is harrowing to constantly have insensitive idiots tease, taunt, pick, poke, and peer at you, your skin colour from the corner of their eyes, humiliating their own humanity as well as mine.

My brothers and sisters are fair complexioned and I am their opposite, a fact which the Indian public reminds me of daily. Mall shop attendents have denied me attentions while mobbing other white people (good looking to the world). And who knows what else is more quietly denied to those of us who are blessed with the beautiful earthy tones.

It is shocking that we wear liberalism as a sign of modernity, yet revert back to ultraconservatism when actually faced with difference.

It is funny how Indian fairness cream ads makes you fair, very fair, very very fair and then relate it to successfull jobs and marriages. Kyun bhai madam ne cream lagayi… Gori ho gayi aur success unke kadmo me… Makes sense to me…. Hahaha.

Newspaper me matrimonial ad wala page kholo sabse pehle rahega ” wanted fair looking” phir bataienge ki ladka chahiye ya ladki. Ladki padhi likhi hai ya nahi, kuch kaam karti hai ya nahi, ye sab to secondary cheezein hai. Bhookh lagegi to us gore chehre ka noor khakar pet bhar lenge vo log.

Dusre deso me kuch log tan karwate hai humara rang pane ke liye aur hum bleach karwate hai unka rang pane ke liye. *CLAPS*

Believe me… Bollywood is one of the major problem. I remember a song called “hum kaale hai to kya hua dilwale hai”. Do we really need these type of songs? Grow up Bollywood.

Yes, I am dark and i am proud of it because a person’s worth is known by his values not his appearance.

A message to all the racists out there- If you really can’t stop judging people then at least judge them on their abilities not their colour. And to all those facing this insensitive world- Never let your appearance affect your confidence.

Be Happy, keep learning.

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