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Alice: A Poem on Mental Healthverified tick

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7 months ago
7 months ago
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A knocking in my brain all night

A rapping, course and rushed

An open door, numbered bottles

Drink me now you must!

The world shrinks and is then too big

Too big for the beings in my mind

A rabbit hole, a pack of cards

The red queen I must find!

A forest and a floating cat?

He looks at me so eager

Piercing eyes of liquid gold

A grin bordering on evil

The queen commands, you must obey

And paint white roses yet

The brushes so huge, the paint arrives

Each shade from a different man’s head

Back to reality now and I hate it

I take one pill and then another

I must go back, finish my chat

Meet the wise blue caterpillar

I hear a loud siren, I see a black car

Are those the queen’s new men?

They ask me to puff air into a tube

And hold up fingers more than ten

“I’m telling you they exist, they do!

You can’t take away my meds”

“We better get her a separate cell officer

This girl’s not right in the head”

I have to attend a tea party soon

Being late is rude, you must understand

Mr Rabbit will be waiting for me

And the poor hatter will be mad!

And the queen will seek them all out, I know

She’ll want each one of them dead

She’ll sit on her throne of cards and scream

She’ll say ‘Off with their heads!!”

But now my hands are tightly bound

This van’s taking me far away

Away from the creatures in my mind

A place only I can save

And yet as they push me into this room

And tell me this is my new home

I see that the doctors big white hat

Hides a feline face below!

It’s a cat! He says hello to me

He tells me I belong ‘right here’

“No I don’t! You’re mad!” I say

“Alice, we’re all mad here”

By Anusha Datta

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