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Sathvik Bharadwaj


Agony and Ecstacy

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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It was the night of the first of July,

And expectations for the Dutch to win the world cup were high.

The tests were fast approaching, I was reading

My back pain to get noticed was pleading.

I told myself to keep it as a secret,

for facing my tests, I was almost set.

That was when the pain became unbearable,

That's when mother noticed I was dull.

She asked me why? I confessed

And location of pain, she pressed

I screamed and jumped in shooting pain

She thought I was insane.

''Don't try to escape from your tests", she told

I am not lying, I replied equally bold.

Dad understood and took my side

He knew that I had not lied

Next day, pain shifted to the right of my stomach

I ignored it, staying up all night to support the Dutch

I noticed a swelling at the site of pain

All my resistance went down the drain

In school, I vomited and was rushed to the Nurse

To my stomach, I gave a curse

My mother picked me up and took me to the doctor

Who told me that there is no need to suffer

Gastric is the cause and not to fuss

He said ignorance is bliss

And suggested a few days of rest

which gave me ample time to prepare for my test

Not for long, as swelling and pain increased

which I thought should have ceased

Back to the Doctor we went

To go to the hospital, he gave us the consent

In Ramakrishna Hospital, after various tests and scans

I was diagnosed with acute appendicitis, change of plans

"Come tomorrow you will get operated''

Said the Surgeon and sent me to Bed

Next day, with an empty stomach, I went to my ward

In pain, I screamed and shouted like a retard

Nurses took blood and checked my BP

Oh! how I missed my morning coffee

And on me they put a gown

Only thing missing was the crown

I was tensed and scared

And my faith in God against pain prevailed

At eleven the surgeon injected anesthesia,

And I was missing my parents and paraphernalia

They made three holes and inserted two probes

And finally removed my swollen appendix

After I woke up, I was in utter pain

At the same time, I had a bad dream, where was my brain?

"I can't breathe", I screamed in vain

Until I became sane again.

I asked the nurse, to show my appendix,

It was like a fully-grown prawn!

And the pain which haunted all along

seems like belong to an era of bygone.

Now I am on my bed writing this poem,

Relieved of all the pain and Mayhem,

Oh! how I suffered I will never forget

Adios, Sayonara appendix, you are no more a threat 

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