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Nikita Gangwani



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2 months ago
2 months ago
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Adolescence has come around

Anxiety, hopes and dreams are building up

Everything seems so beautiful but

Some confidence has gone down

Being now judged on parameters they have already made

I admire,I wish , but I can't be the same

For them I am a trash

They put me into trouble , they numb me with hurdles

But I will come up with my gratitude and ask them to have some shame .

Phases have arrived, it's still the same

The difference was now they ask me about my assets babe …

I want the love , I want the fame

All I got was an ashtray

Adolescence has gone, new age has come

Lots of responsibility ,Lots of work

But then there is a moment when I want to go lame

No regrets.. as time is gone and will never Be back again

It's not that I was not looking for one

But mine was I wanted was already some’s

I waited for him but it was too late

He was broken , I want to be his new slate

Discovered new things on stalking him but those were mine

Later I realized it's just a matter of happiness , my smile

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