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Kritika Mehta


A man who deals with plenty issues with plenty of Empathy: Dr. SP Singh Oberoi

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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 “the best of humanity is the exercise of empathy and compassion”

Empathy is the starting point of any transformation; outside or within.

Being empathetic is what Mr. SP Singh Oberoi has always known the best. A diesel mechanic in his initial years of adulthood who went on to become a successful business tycoon came over a headline on newspaper that changed his life. He could not tolerate an unjust incidence with 17 Indian men at another country. A meeting with their families sparked a light of philanthropy in him. Mr. SP Singh Oberoi afterwards went on to a mission to saveguard the lives of 17 men along with protecting humanity all along.

To curb the social problems that stood in the way of a better living for all , he formed Sarbat Da Bhala Charitable Trust that worked on the guidelines of compassion and believed in welfare for all. The Trust has been successful in bringing back over 80 dead bodies and rescuing five girls and bringing them back to their nation. It has created various work opportunities for people by providing them free computer and stiching training centres.

To assist older people financially, he started Monthly Pension Support, a programme running in selected areas of Punjab & Haryana that provides them a pension amount from 5000-15000 for making their lives better.

Mr. SP Oberoi has also been dedicated to upgrade the health structure of the country. Aiming to tackle the increasing number of deaths due to chronic Kidney Diseases, he formulated a plan to establish an infrastructure that would have a dialysis unit within every 15 Kilometers across the country. He has also been providing dialysis machines in a lot of private and government hospitals that needed them for their increasing patients requiring similar equipments in Punjab. Sarbat Da Bhala Charitable trust also runs a chain of diagnostic labs where all the tests are highly subsidized for the people who cannot afford high charges at private labs.

Today, Sarbat Da Bhala Charitable Trust is running 26 welfare projects. It builds new houses for people and renovates buildings in bad states. It runs different programmes and training centres directing towards helping people make better earnings and sustain lives.

To a man who donates 98 % of his income for the welfare of others and who has devoted all his life to humankind his sole purpose is not only to eliminate the sufferings caused by social problems but the sheer elimination of social problems for a better living of all. 

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