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A guide to top IT jobs in Delhi

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14 days ago
14 days ago
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IT jobs are a craze, and there is every reason for these to be! The world is going digital, and it's up to the programmers to do that. They write the code which enables us to pay in an instant at a shop, book a cab with few touches, purchase things online, work remotely, and whatnot.

Delhi is a city high on tech. From metro trains to 5G networks, it is the first to start and adopt new technologies. Backed up by top colleges like IIT, NIT and NSIT; and tech multinationals like Microsoft, Adobe and Google; it is a hub of employment opportunities.

And going by the trends, there are millions of IT jobs in Delhi NCR region. Software parks and coworking spaces are abuzz with software professionals.

IT Jobs in Delhi can be categorized in the below segments:

1) Web development: All the things are going online in today's world, and the web is the medium which enables you to do things online. Web development involves building and maintaining a desktop/mobile website so that end-user can interact with it to perform desired tasks. There are many programming languages and frameworks which accelerate deploying of the sites. PHP, Ruby, Python, Java are such languages; Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Django, React.js are some frameworks. Depending upon your skills, you can work on front-end, back-end or full-stack. Here are some web development jobs in Delhi location.

2) Mobile app development: Soon, the number of mobiles is going to exceed the number of humans. There is no surprise as mobile has evolved to be much more than a phone. It is your personal assistant which works as your communicating medium, location finder, food ordering system, calendar planner, camera, video streamer, gaming zone and much more. And it executes these functions via specific apps. Two mobile operating systems Android and iOS are prevalent, and there is a high number of jobs in mobile app development in Delhi.

3) Software development: Whatever device you are using to read this article has an underlying operating system, on which a browser is built to deliver a web page. Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Android, iOS all are operating system software. Similarly, MS Office, Chrome, Skype, Adobe Reader are application software. Various programming languages like Java, C++, Go, R, JavaScript are used to build software. You can find jobs in software development for Delhi location here.

4) UI/UX: The interface through which we interact with any system is called User Interface (UI), and the interaction is called User Experience (UX). Naturally, it is a field having own niche. Programmers try to build UI/UX to make it as easy and intuitive to use the system as possible. If you think you can read your users' mind, why not try a job in UI/UX?

5) Data Science: The data in the world is in the trillions of Gigabytes! So now the next step is to make sense of this data. Here enter Data Scientists who analyze data to derive insights and predict future patterns. This is the fastest-growing field in IT industry, and jobs are paying handsomely.

6) Others: There are other domains like Networking, Database Administration, Testing, etc. which also play essential roles in the digital world. Networking deals in sending data packets from one node to another through multiple layers. Database Administration involves storing the data in a structured form and making it available for presenting. Software Testing ensures that a particular code is bugs free and ready to go into production. Some top jobs in these fields are listed here.

So, take part in making this world digital, and go for an IT job!

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