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Harendra Kumar


A combat between infatuation and retribution chapter 1

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6 months ago
6 months ago
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Initiating an aspect of a kind the battlefield. Hundreds of soldiers were positioned psyched up convey weapons in their hands. A house rider, whose name was shyamal who was the manipulator of the whole soldiers, positioned fore. On the other hand a wounded young man stands with the sword support whose name was Prem.

"Love, such artefact my in friend, forsake this insistence now.. because you are my friend so giving you one chance. go I gifted you.. your life.. go.." Shyamal said to prem

"One thing is Shyamal.. you have scared till now.."Prem

"Prem" Shyamal shouting aloud.

"Look I'm standing alone here and awe is in your heart so the crowd of hundreds of soldiers is standing behind of your, and friend you take the chance to keep breath alive and go back."Prem

"Maybe you don't have guessing of my powers. One moment will be enough to erase your exists.."

"I know my friend your braveness when you did such as.. and my friend she is my life. I can do anything for her."

"Then dead today... Soldiers... Erase it's each body particles and made in the dust my Dilwale Aashiq friend... Goodby prem.."

Shyamal ordered an attack become in anger. Getting order soldiers ran to kill prem towards him. Prem broke down on those soldiers like lion and right of eyes he kills many soldiers alone. Seeing soldiers condition Shyamal afraid and begins ran away from.

Seeing Shyamal is running away prem picked a spear and thrown towards him that took the horse. Shyamal fell down with the horse.

Prem was put the sword on the Shyamal shoulder and Shyamal sited on knee support. All soldiers coming to this side stopped seeing the sword on Shyamal neck.

"I'm not like you and accept it that I am right because you are my friend.. so I forgive you.. go.., go back... Otherwise, the world will give the wrong direction of our friendship.. go.." Prem said to Shyamal and removes the sword from his neck and turned back and moves that suddenly a spear comes and took in his chest. Prem turned back. Shyamal stands up.

"This is the custom, my friend, that if you have to alive then have to kill... and yes...

I'll wipe out every image of love...

I'll wipe out every word of love...

These wind will have the noise of hatred...

No love now, hatred will be every side..." Shyamal

"Love is the wind that is the reason for your breathing.. if you will wish then when also love remains. love will be and lover is also." Prem said in faltering voice.

"Stop it your discourse." Shyamal

He holds the spear one side and hit him on the belly. Spear was in his hand and prem falls away. Prem shout aloud with pain.

"Shout and more aloud my friend that your this sweet shouting melody relaxes my heart." Saying this he went to the prem, kept foot where took a spear in his chest and press. prem shout 'Aah..'

"Look this is the punishment of Aashquie. I won and you are defeated. your talk will not be on anyone tongue after today." Saying this he kicked again on his belly then one woman's calling voice comes.'Prem'

An old woman was coming to this side calling prem Impinges with soldiers body and falls, raised again and walk. Her eyes were only on-prem. Seeing old coming to this side one soldier ran to kill her then Shyamal picked a sword and threw that took in the soldier back and he died.

"This is maa... No one will do anything.." Shyamal.

She comes up prem. Said with crying.

"Prem.., What happen this prem..?"

"Let's be happy maa your this son is won." Shyamal

"You understands your victory in this.. yes.. today is defeated my one son by another son but the end of this story is not yet... God will must listen to my entreaty" Maa

"Maa... Just a moment is the remaining breath of my dear friend... Maa." Shyamal...

"Prem...:" blood is raining down from prem's body. She sits and keeps prem head in the lap.

"Don't worry maa he'll dead soon.. trust me... and maa let's be happy.. because I won.."

The tear was streaming from her eyes. Shyamal bent and contain tear drop before falling. changing face expression become sad. He said to maa.

"No.., No maa... Don't stream tear maa.. your this son is alive till yet... Please don't cry.."

She ignores Shyamal, wipe out dust from prem body. passes hand from his head with affection.

"Prem... Nothing will be..."Maa

"I can understand your pain maa. I think, should leave both of you alone sometime. Maa, I’ll be waiting for you in the palace."Shyamal stands upturned towards soldiers and said...

"When my dear friend leaves breathing then with respect throw his body in the forest so as to wild beast eat scratch this brave warrior body." and he went from.

"You will not be anything..., son you can't give up.."Maa

"Yes maa I can not give up, and win.. it will be mine.." Prem

"Of course my son.. it will be yours."

"Maa today your son is very tired, I have slept but you know that I don't sleep without listening to people snatched her son.. pain.. its crime is so far that he loved... I heard big tails of your kindness then why you became of stone...

people's trust will end on you.. if your exists is in this where act on my pen 9ance even though you take my life but do alive prem.."

Maa puts her head on-prem chest. Life bird of her was fly. she has died. soldiers took her dead body to Shyamal in the palace and threw prem's body in the forest.

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