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A Big Fan of Sidney Sheldon? These Books by Him Are a Must Read

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6 months ago
6 months ago
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Even if most readers don’t know much about the man behind the name they all invariably agree upon the fact that Sidney Sheldon is definitely “The Godfather” of modern noir novels. Anybody who has read his book truly know what a powerful magician Sheldon is, he wields a magic so powerful using his words that doesn’t let you escape out of his grasp unless you are done reading his book completely.

No author in recent times has managed to effectively balance the elements of mystery and suspense in a way a Sheldon has managed to, when he was questioned about the same his reply quite simply was:

Usually, when people get to the end of a chapter, they close the book and go to sleep. I deliberately write a book so when the reader gets to the end of the chapter, he or she must turn one more page. With an extensive library of books written by him it was surely an arduous task to pick just five best books from the lot. Keeping in mind his diverse way of story-construction we bring to you Top 5 Sidney Sheldon books you should definitely read to get a glimpse of the full package:

1. The Master Of The Game:

Any list of Sheldon’s top-rated books is definitely going to have The Master of the Game at the top position. This engaging family drama has one of the best possible style of narration that not only keeps you invested in the characters but also makes you question your very perception of the world and its happenings. An extremely gripping read covering the story of a family for about four generation, this book covers all possible sentiments and emotions you would expect a book to make you feel. Breaking the monotony of gore-filled mystery thriller, Sheldon’s “The Master of the Game” proves to be a refreshing and engrossing read for both new and old readers alike.

2. Tell Me Your Dreams:

Probably one of the most haunting works of Sheldon, this mystifying thriller has been a base for many regional film adaptations. However none of these movies has managed to truly capture the raw essence the author’s work does. The way in which the narration style messes with your head and leaves you speechless makes this book one of Sheldon’s best works. Anything more I say about this book will only ruin the suspense for you. All I can say to you is, your mind and your reasoning ability is definitely not going to be the same once you finish reading it.

3. If Tomorrow Comes:

Combining elements of romance, heist-adventure with a nerve-wracking storyline “If Tomorrow Comes” is my personal favourite of Sidney Sheldon. Every book of Sheldon’s has a strong powerful female protagonist holding the story together but what makes Tracy Whitney an even more extraordinary lead is the way in which her character develops throughout the story. Filled with so many unexpected chain of events, charismatic characters and never-ending plot twists this is probably one of the most enjoyable works of the author.

4. Rage of Angels:

A time where every author worked on building picture perfect characters, Sheldon’s characterisation of Jennifer is perfect in its own way, mainly because of how humane he intentionally made her character to be. The story of how such a flawed character tries her best to work against the odds even after she commits one mistake after the other, brings out the very essence of her character.  I found it very hard to put this book down once I started it mainly because of the intense and well-structured storyline. The book also experiments with two styles of romance, a heart-aching one and a juicy romance that helps to balance the dark tone of the book. All-in-all this book is a perfect read for you, especially if you are in a reading slump.

5. Windmills of the Gods:

The book has no windmills or any Gods, it’s just mystery and violence at it’ best. This book does uses mystery tropes best by just subtly hinting at them rather than going on an in-depth reasoning of what happened, leaving most of the horror to the audience’s imagination. Even if the book wasn’t fast paced like the rest of his works, there is something eerie and intriguing about the book that manages to capture your undivided attention until you are finished reading it. Probably one of Sheldon’s underrated work The Windmills of the Gods definitely deserves a read and its rightful place in this list.

By Jeyashri Ravichandiran

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