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9 Quick Hacks to Save the Most Money While Shopping Online

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a year ago
a year ago
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Grabbing the best deals and products from online shopping could be difficult but with these hacks you can ease your way into making the most of it.

After long days of work, the best way to spend a weekend would just be to order in and enjoy late mornings. But of course, the weekend is also the only time you can grab the trolley and stroll around shopping for everything from groceries to gifts to clothes. E-commerce has, of course, made this process easier making shopping available anywhere and everywhere. So, you can now sneak peek into some items during short breaks in the office and shop them hassle-free.

But the drawback of online shopping is how deceiving the products we buy can be and we would hate to end up with low-quality products and heavy prices, nothing like the one you were looking for. Here are a few tips and tricks you could use during online shopping to grab the best-

  1. Stick to familiar grounds. It is so tempting to look at the advertisements with attractive products at unbelievable prices and we end up shopping from unknown websites. This could be both dangerous as well as result in you ending up with low-quality products. So, stick to well-known websites you are familiar with and go through multiple reviews about new sites in case you feel tempted to shop from there.
  2. Clear your browser cache and try using incognito mode. This will make sure your search engine does not have a track of your old searches or purchasing trends which will help you get honest prices. This will also be a safe browsing and purchasing option.
  3. Try using comparison websites rather than decide based on one. Comparison websites can give you competitive prices. Also, keep your items in the cart for a day or 2 before you decide as this gives time to consider if the purchase is necessary, as well as companies start sending coupons to finish the purchase which will be beneficial for you
  4. For clothing always read the product details thoroughly. The material is the most important feature to look at as this will give away a lot as for what to expect from the product. Go through size guides for every apparel individually and know for sure the colors seldom look the same in reality. Also, read the model details to know how it will fit you.
  5. Make the best of the zoom function to analyse your products better. Sometimes zooming the product can give away the problems and help you skip a bad purchase.
  6. Use payment methods like Paytm over debit cards as there are more possibilities of cashback, coupons, and offers. Similarly, credit cards are better methods of payments over debit cards.
  7. Start your shopping on a Wednesday as this day of the week tends to pile in offers by most companies.
  8. Do not let your favorite brands off your attention in social media to grab the best deals. Follow them to keep track of the best deals and add reminders so you don’t miss them.
  9. Sale prices can be attractive but make sure you only purchase from familiar brands during this period. Use customer chat or customer calls to get new offers that may not be available on the website. If the prices are too good to be true then avoid it.

Use these tips and shop to your fullest for the best products available.

By Varshnee Raj

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