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Indrita Ganguly


8 Restaurants in Kolkata with Amazing Live Music and Great Food

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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Kolkata has a number of restaurants and cafes which have great ambience with live music and karaoke. Music adds an essence to the atmosphere of every place. Here are 8 restaurants and cafes which have brilliantly added music as one of their characteristics.

1. Monkey Bar

One of the most popular gastropubs of Kolkata, Monkey Bar is known for it’s mind blowing cocktails and obviously, amazing music. The place has a respective separate days for different kinds of live music. For example, they have Karaoke on every Tuesday and Live bands perform on every Friday. With the beautiful view of the city skyline, and music you’d definitely not want to miss this place.

2. Someplace Else

This beautiful place has one of the most amazing live music in Kolkata. The place has changed ever since it inaugurated in the year 1994. But, it still holds the first place when it comes to great music. The place hosts multiple popular musicians like Anjan Dutta, Ehsaan Noorani, Indian Ocean, Lou Majaw and many others.

3. Hard Rock Café

The most vibrant café of Kolkata, Hard Rock Café always steals the show with it’s humongous space for live performances. This is the musical hub of Kolkata, with an energetic nightlife. 

4. Terminal 11

The café is not only popular for live music but also for giving a reading room kind of a vibe. If you love music and books both, this is the ideal place for you to hang out. Amazing ambience with an innumerable number of books and music, that’s more than enough to have a jolly good time there. Live music is arranged on the weekends, and around late evening, like 7:30pm. Other than, live music they also play nice songs throughout the week.

5. What’s Up

A must have experience for everyone who plans to sit on a rooftop, enjoy the starry sky and live music underneath it. Oh, they also have a Jacuzzi! The ambience and the live music are amazing and you’d not regret going there.

6. Jam House

The self-acclaimed music café, is really a dreamy place to visit and enjoy an evening with your friends. The place is decorated with vinyl records, and cassettes. It is the hub of music in Kolkata. You can also go and jam there.

7. Chapter 2

The restaurant which is also famous for it’s pocket-friendly buffet, hosts live music. The genre here is mostly Rock N Roll music. Unlimited food and amazing songs, that’s what you will experience if you give this place a visit.

8. 8th Day Café & Bakery

One of the most popular cafés in Kolkata, this is the best place to visit if you are craving for desserts and also, live music. The café frequently hosts live music, and the genre is mostly indie and also, they give chances to newbie musicians.

If music is the love of your life, and all you’re looking for is a live music or jamming session, the above places are the go to restaurants for you and your friends. Enjoy, groove and have a great musical evening while tasting some delicious cuisines. 

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