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8 Fun Stress Busters Bound to Work That Will Help You Relax

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8 months ago
8 months ago
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Stress is an unavoidable part of everyone’s life. It can be good when it is in the form of eustress that pushes us to achieve new heights and reach our fullest potential. However, distress does the exact opposite and not managing it in time can have serious repercussions.

1. Crafts


Or just the act of creating something aesthetic. This can include painting, knitting or DIYs. Crafts are a great way to get rid of stress and add some colour to your home. Creating something craftsy that leaves you with a memoir that will always make you feel happy every time you get a glimpse of it apart from the relaxing process itself.

2. Grooming

This one has been tried and tested. If you’re feeling stressed, take a trip to the saloon. Change something about the way you look by maybe getting a haircut. Or simply get a very relaxing massage. Saloons are a great way to treat yourself and being pampered.

3. Guided Meditation

Meditation is one of the most commonly suggested technique to reduce stress and for a good reason. But most of us (including me) don’t really get the benefits because we cannot focus that much. Here is where finding a good guided meditation audio or video can come in handy.

4. Cook

Source- iStock

Ah, food! The ultimate stress buster. So why not find a recipe, gather the ingredients and get cooking? Cook something preferably crunchy and then eat it. Crunchy food like deep fried foods or raw vegetables like carrots or nuts have proven to be more beneficial for relieving stress than the others. 

5. Animals


Playing with or cuddling with an animal can be extremely therapeutic. Have you ever played with a puppy? Remember how excited they are all the time. Think of what it could be like to actually play with a puppy like that. Or just sit in bed with your older dog beside you. If you don’t have any pets, you can always visit an animal shelter and spend some time with the animals there. It’s a win-win situation!

6. Dance

Source- Shutterstock

Dance like no one is looking. Or dance like you’re dancing in front of a huge crowd. Whatever floats your boat. But the point is, dance. Apart from being fun, it is also an exercise. And exercising is one of the most well known ways of reducing stress.

7. Take a bath


Well, this one is ore to do with immersing yourself in water than a plain and simple bath. If you live near an ocean, you have access to all the water you need! But for those of us not as lucky, a simple shower could also do the trick. Just let the water run over your body for sometime and feel all your stress flow away with the water. 

8. Swear

Source- Getty Images

Swearing is more to do with releasing pent up energy. The same principle would work with screaming too! Shout out a few cuss words (in a safe space) and it is guaranteed to make you feel better. If you feel awkward doing this alone, drag a friend into it and double the fun!

Life is too short to spend it being stressed. So why not recharge mind and body by trying one of these techniques out?

By Asterilla Joanne Monteiro

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