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Ameya Agrawal


7 Unconventional Tips to Become Everyone's Favorite Manager!

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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"People work hard throughout their lives to improve themselves and be more effective at work. They read books, attain college, get a degree, but some things can never be learned at a school. Somethings are only learned with experience and observation."

The same way I discovered these 7 Steps to be an effective manager at a workplace all from a single incident while drinking water. 

20th March 2019, I was at my office. My water bottle ran out of the water so I went to the water station near our bay at our office refill my bottle when the director of our industry unit came in a hurry saying ‘ Move Ameya, Move’

( This being an IT industry, the good thing about it is accessibility to your managers and boss provided you are active enough. They don’t just sit in their cabins and You can see even directors walking around in the bay talking with people) 

Being confused thinking ‘Wow! He happens to know my name’ I moved aside. It was amazing to know that someone who has 10x your experience, twice your age and super super senior to you knows your name. 

‘Sorry’ he said As he put his hand over my shoulder and started filling his bottle. I was overwhelmed by that friendly gesture. Why would someone who is so senior to me be so friendly with just another employee? ‘You just don’t touch anyone like that’ I thought to myself. 

‘It’s all right sir, in a hurry for a meeting?’ I asked

“ Yes man! Very tight schedule you know!” he replied. “How is your work?” he added. 

“It is going good sir” I replied. Do we even know in which team I am and what I work on? Probably not. But he asked me about my work and my day made me feel good and special. 

I smiled as he left saying ‘See you around’

I was smiling for almost half a minute that he knows my name and as I started refilling my bottle ‘ What a humble and friendly man he is’ was the only thought in my mind.

I am sure that the 10 seconds he saved by telling me to move aside to fill his bottle would have made a difference for his meeting. He anyone invested those again in talking to me. Any other person would have just waited with a poker face for me to finish, wouldn’t even look at me, fill his bottle and leave like we never saw each other and like it never happened.

A small word for you could mean a whole story for someone

I don’t know why or I don’t know how but my frustration from the workload lightened up. It was such a simple incident. He probably won’t even remember it the next day, but I liked it. I felt good that he talked to me. It gave me new energy to get back to my work. 

I am not sure Was it because I was smiling or was it because someone connected with me, made me feel that they appreciate my existence and eventually put a smile on my face. 

After all, all a man needs is to feel significant for the work he does.

Few lessons which that incident taught me.

  1. I realized, being the leader or a manager of a group, addressing your team members with their name can instantly have a lasting effect on them.
  2. Talking with your team in a friendly tone and on topics outside work as well can help boost the relationship.
  3. Initiating the conversation can help introvert team members open up and thus increase their productivity and inputs for the betterment of the project.
  4. Asking them small favors can get them close to you, which makes the chances of them listening to you in future growth.
  5. Touching your team members ( In a limit in which it is acceptable) makes you more persuasive.
  6. Engaging with your team members in topics outside work like Asking what you brought in Tiffin?, Joking around a little, Saying Hi when you see them can help build stronger relationships with them.
  7. Appreciate the existence of your team members. Talk to them. If you don’t know them, get to know them. When they realize that you know they exist and are important to the team, these team members will automatically start contributing more. 

These are simple things which I believe are not taught in any schools but learned by observing people around you.

I hope my observation builds value in your life helps you lead your team better.

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