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7 Simple Ways to be Eco-Friendly in Your Everyday Lifeverified tick

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10 months ago
10 months ago
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NASA attributes the likelihood (over 95% probability) of most of the change in the climate to be due to human activities. This is causing the earth to deteriorate. If each of us are able to make small, eco-friendly changes to our lifestyle, it can make a significant difference.

Read ahead to find some simple ways to be eco-friendly.

1. Grow Your Own Vegetables

This is one of the most fun and tastiest ways to become a little more eco-friendly. Having your own plants will serve a lot of benefits since they will increase the level of atmospheric oxygen and will reduce your consumption of meat (which contributes about 18% of the total greenhouse emission). While you’re at it, you can also create your own compost which will be a great way to recycle kitchen waste, will reduce contributing to landfills and will keep your plants healthy. The end result: less energy consumed, less waste produced, less greenhouse gases, and delicious veggies.

2. Carpool

Source- Zify

Carpooling is one of the simplest yet most underrated solutions. While hybrid cars may not be the most affordable option available, carpooling can save a lot of money on fuel and the best part is you will get to spend some quality time with your friends on your way to your destination.

3. Unplugging Devices When Not In Use

Some devices like TVs, gaming consoles, phone chargers, ovens, microwaves and more consume an enormous amount of power when they’re not in use but are plugged in. Simply unplugging them or making sure the power switch is turned off will save energy and reduce the electricity bill.

4. Buying Second Hand

While it is a lot more tempting to buy brand new things like books, buying second hand stuff might be a great alternative. Not all second-hand articles need to necessarily be torn and tattered. Buying second hand books particularly will workout cheaper and will save a lot of trees from being cut down.

5. Carry Water Bottles With You

Most of us forget to carry water with us when we leave our houses. So we either end up consuming a lot less water than we should or we end up buying bottles of water (which are so overpriced). Instead carrying your own bottle of water will ensure you remain hydrated and save a lot of natural resources which can be preserved for later.

6. Go the DIY Route

Many store-bought things like cleaning supplies and make-up products are easier and cheaper to make at home. Of course, not all of it may be replaceable but switching even some of it can make a difference. Instead of buying products from the store why not try making your own cleaning and make-up products?

7. Reuse Plastic Or Cloth Bags

While plastic isn’t the most eco-friendly product, most of us have a lot of them stored around the house and get more when we go shopping. Now most stores, in an attempt to be more eco-friendly, have switched to cloth bags. So why not just reuse old plastic and cloth bags instead of getting new ones every time? You can always keep one or two handy in your handbags or backpacks and use when needed and refill when used.

Small drops might make an ocean. But for us to achieve a more sustainable environment, we do need to begin even if our drops are very small.

By Asterilla Joanne Monteiro

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