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7 Must Visit Buffet Places to Try Out in Kolkata

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9 months ago
9 months ago
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Kolkata is known as the City of Joy. And rightly so. You can find all kinds and cuisines of food  in this amazing city. Here is a list of the best buffet places to try out where you can eat to your heart’s content-



Source- Zomato

Being in Kolkata and not trying out Bengali cuisine will be one of the biggest regrets in your life. The spicy taste of Bengali dishes will leave you wanting more. Oh! Calcutta is the restaurant to try out definitely while in Kolkata. The food here is delicious and the variety is entirely Bengali dishes. From the fish starters to the kulfi dessert, ever single dish is a must try. People go to this restaurant even during normal days, just because of the buffet spread. Knowing the price of Bengali dishes in other restaurants, the price of buffet here is quite reasonable, around Rs. 1500 for two.



Source- Zomato

This is a must visit restaurant even during a normal boring day. The ambience of this place will definitely cheer you up. The food here is so delicious and mouth watering, you will not realise when your tummy is full and you will want to keep eating. The restaurant has a wide spread of buffet, with uncountable number of starters and main course. The dessert section of this restaurant is one of its kind, where you can find any dessert you can think of. The price for a lunch buffet usually ranges from Rs. 700 but it should not deter you from giving this restaurant a try.



If you are a fan of the Chinese cuisine then this restaurant should be on the top of your list. The buffet spread is only of Chinese cuisine and you will be surprised to see such elegant dishes being served in a buffet. The restaurant goes all out in satisfying our taste buds and although a bit on the steep side, the money spend here is worth every dime.



Source- Swiggy

If you want Chinese cuisine but Mainland China seems to be out of your range, have no worries, because Kolkata caters to the need of every single person who wants to eat. Haka is one such restaurant where you can get Chinese cuisine at a relatively lower price. The buffet spread might not be as elegant as that of Mainland China but it has its own unique dishes to attract the customers, if not the price. A person can enjoy all the varieties of a Chinese cuisine at a nominal price of Rs 500 per person.



Source- LBB

Flame and Grill is one of the age old restaurants and its name is enough to bring water to the mouth. It has a mixed buffet spread of North Indian and Continental cuisine. The kebabs served as part of your starter are soft and tender and your teeth will sink right into them. The best thing about the food there is good taste and nice blend of flavours. The dessert spread is also unique with different varieties of cakes and mousse. Quite expensive, it is priced around Rs. 1900 for two people.



This restaurant has recently opened. The ambience of this place is spectacular and the entire restaurant will give you a sophisticated feeling. Coming to the food, the buffet spread is one of its kind. The restaurant is famous for its brunch and the food is quite delectable. The buffet spread is quite expensive, approximately Rs. 3000 for two people, but the delicious food here will make you feel absolutely satisfied and you will want to return to this place often.


7. CAL 27

Located within Taj Bengal, Cal 27 has a mixed buffet spread of European, Continental, Chinese, Italian dishes. The food served is with extreme care and elegance. Each food item is delicious and the ambience matches the food in terms of elegance. The breakfast buffet spread is a must try and will leave you completely satisfied.


The places listed here as well as the other restaurants of Kolkata is bound to give you the contentment of a satisfied tummy and a happy heart.

By Susmita Paul

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Sumit Mukherjee

Very well curated.

9 months ago