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7 Must Have Sweets to Try Out in Kolkata During Diwali

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10 months ago
10 months ago
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Diwali is a popular North Indian festival of lights. It is celebrated with friends, family and delicious food. Due to the diverse nature of the Indian society, Diwali is celebrated across the country. This festival has found a strong foothold amongst the people of West Bengal, especially Kolkata. The city of Kolkata is especially known for its delectable sweets there and the celebration of Diwali, known as Kali Pujo in Kolkata, is another excuse for the people of the city to eat their way to glory.

The city of Kolkata is unique for its spicy food and sweet desserts, the two extreme of our taste palate. The sweets of Kolkata are highly demanded by people due to the occasion of Diwali. Although sweets are widely available in this city throughout the year, the bakers create special sweets during the festive season.

1. Kesar Pishti Phirni


Kesar is considered to be a royal food ingredient. In order to add flavour to the sweets, the people of Kolkata have found Kesar which gives a pleasant flavour to the taste palate when it is embedded in the sweets. Phirni is a much loved sweet dish which is consumed as a dessert after the meal. To innovate, the sweet makers changed the normal phirni into a kesar pishta phirni whereby the kesar and pistachio are added into the phirni. It gives a unique flavour to the phirni and is sold widely during the festivities. The kesar pista phirni of Jameson Inn Shiraz, located near G.T Road is very famous. They sell per piece at the rate of 70 rupees.

2. Black current Ice Cream Sandesh


This unique combination of an ice cream and a sweet dessert is provided by a very popular and respected sweet outlet, known as Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick. It is a sandesh (a very common and well loved sweet dish of Kolkata) which has a malai filling inside it and a topping of the black current jelly. The combination together gives it an unique flavour, making it one of the most sought after sweet dish during the festivities. It is priced considerably low at merely rupees 15 per piece, making it quite affordable for many to enjoy.

3. Mango Mousse


Mango Mousse is another savory sweet dish, famous during Diwali. Mango is one of the most widely loved fruit by the people in Kolkata. A sweet dish centred around this fruit is a thing of beauty. Mango Mousse can be found in any one of the branches of Hindustan Sweets. They are priced around rupees 45 per piece hence can be enjoyed by the population at large.

4. Motichoor Ladoo


Whenever someone thinks about Diwali, Motichoor Ladoo is the first image to come to mind. They are a speciality of the festival itself and Diwali is incomplete without consuming a motichoor ladoo. They are dipped in pure ghee and they taste is delectable. Gupta Brothers is popular for Motichoor Ladoo. They are available at the cost of rupees 10 per piece or around rupees 300 per kilogram.

5. Kheer-er-goja


A new sweet dish has been invented with the help of jaggery, an age old sweet dish found in India. Many restaurants across Kolkata use jaggery to innovate new sweet dishes, giving them a form by mixing them with other ingredients. Kheer er Goja is one such speciality found in Kolkata. Sold by a very popular outlet called Aaheli, Kheer er Goja is well appreciated all along the year. This unique sweet dish has a steep price of around rupees 255 per piece, but it is worth a try.

6. Mihindana Rabdi Tart

Source- Zomato

Mihidana is a orange coloured sweet dish very popular in West Bengal. It is consumed by the common at large throughout the year. However, during Diwali, in order to appease the taste buds of the people of Kolkata and those coming from outside, the makers of the sweet change the structure of the sweet dish by converting it into a rabdi tart. It takes a small circular shape, and is used as a filling in a tart. A thin chocolate coating gives it a unique flavour. It is priced a high end of 100 rupees per price, mainly because of the new innovations made on a common sweet dish.

7. Khajur Barfi


This is an all time favourite sweet dish of the people of Kolkata and in India generally, even during a normal day. Khajur barfi is always at a high demand. The khajur barfi sold by Balraman Mullick and Radharaman Mullick is special because its insides are over filled with cashews, walnuts and almonds and at times, they also consist of very sweet dates. They are sold at a mere price of rupees 20 per piece

Even if you do not get the leisure to eat sweets, these sweets must be tried out during Diwali.

By Susmita Paul

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