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7 Most Haunted Places of Rajasthan

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11 days ago
11 days ago
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Rajasthan, recognized because of its ancient buildings and in addition, tales from the royals, is recognized as a famous traveler's destination. The genuine haunted experiences of one of the most haunted places of Rajasthan will surely spook your nightmares tonight.

When you have that nerve to help keep your core together, scroll down to experience the actual ghosts in the seven most haunted places in Rajasthan you can visit on rajasthan tour packages from delhi check out the torture.

Rana Kumbha Royal Residence - The Haunted Palace of Chittorgarh in Rajasthan

The Rana Kumbha Palace in Chittorgarh is a place where you will surely satisfy a ghost. The thought of being one of the most terrifying areas of Rajasthan, the secret chambers and the cry of the girls here will chase you.

The Story Behind - Legend says that when the sultan of Delhi, Alauddin Khilji stormed the palace, Maharani Padmini performed the Jauhar (self-immolation) in addition to 700 women. Since then, they have often been seen in this enchanted area of Rajasthan, where people heard the cries of women asking for help to save their kingdom.

Scary Event - About a year ago, a team of friends stayed overnight at the palace to see if there were paranormal activities taking place. While reviewing the passages, one of them heard a voice asking for help. Surprised and also frightened when they reversed themselves, they saw a woman standing in imperial clothes with a charred face.

NH - 79 near Dudu Village - the Scary Highway of Rajasthan

Known as the road that calls for blood, the Ajmer - Udaipur road is just one of the most frequented areas of the nearby Dudu village of Rajasthan, with countless repulsive stories related to it.

The Story Behind - A long time when the marital relationship between the children prevailed in India, a 5 days old baby had to marry a 3 year old boy. The girl's mother protested the wedding event and ran to the road to ask for help where a traveling vehicle hit her and quickly eliminated her and the young man.

Spooky Event - While driving on the Ajmer - Udaipur expressway, 3 good friends met the ghost of a woman carrying a baby in her arms. She sat in the back and also directed them out of the city. Assuming it can be a headache, the friends took it with care, however, and the incident lasted more than 15 minutes, which still haunts them!

Nahargarh Fort - The Haunted Fort in Rajasthan

Nahargarh Fort is located on the slopes of Aravalli, ignoring the pink city of Jaipur. The surfaces of the walls of the fort were built high skies to separate reality from the world. The magnificence of the palace cannot hide the terror of one of the most frequented areas of Rajasthan

The Background Behind - The theft was developed by Sawai Raja Male Singh with Amer Fort and also Jaigarh Fort. The king was so passionate about this particular foot that he developed for his queens that also after his death; the strong Nahargarh is chased by his ghost.

Scary Case - It is always necessary to renew the oldest structures to preserve them for the future generation. It is claimed that the owner of that repair company was discovered unexplainably dead in his residence.

Brij Raj Bhavan - The Haunted Mansion of Rajasthan

The next on our list of enchanted places in Rajasthan is the Brij Raj Bhavan. The majestic property is currently a tourist center that is tormented by the spirit of an English soldier. As high as it looks attractive on the outside, it is considered to be the most terrifying place in Rajasthan.

The Story Behind - During Sepoy Mutiny, Commander Burton, an employee of East India Co., was eliminated along with his family by Indian militants in Brij Raj Bhavan. Residents say that the significant Burton ghost is twisted in this creepy area in Rajasthan.

Spooky Event - The queen of Kota defeated the palace after Major Burton was killed by the army. Apparently, the Queen of Kota spoke with reporters who claimed to have actually seen the ghost of the significant Burton. The spirit is safe and does not cause physical harm to the strong. However, Burton's ghost has a routine of hitting the sleeping security personnel.

Kuldhara Town - The Haunted Village in Rajasthan

This impressive city of Rajasthan has a strange history that no one trusts. Kuldhara is a desert land as a result of menstruation that an immoral priest has in his time. Invest in one night and let us know how it feels to really be in the land of the visitors.

The Background Behind - The city is abandoned since 1800, by a curse that cannot be lifted. An evil priest wished powerfully to marry a magnificent citizen and endangered his family members to take it. The villagers left the place leaving an unparalleled spell so that no one can live or reproduce on this land.

Scary Occurrence - This extremely haunted place of Rajasthan was examined by the paranormal culture of New Delhi. Many of the stories say that individuals are true for menstruating that walks. The detectors, as well as the ghost box, have videotaped the voices of the dead citizens and have even revealed their names. There were also scratches on the car and also traces of young people in the mud. Scares a lot?

Jagatpura - One of the Most Haunted Locations in Rajasthan

Beyond the beautiful palaces of Rajasthan, this place for vacationers has an enchanted atmosphere. This is because the extraordinary place is a residential area where people really live with witches.

History Behind - The king of this enchanted place in Rajasthan was wicked and arrogant. Several villagers cursed him while dying of hunger. The spirits of the villagers still request assistance from the visitors.

Scary Incident - The people who stay in the house have seen witches walking on the roads of Jagatpura. These witches are seen as in costumes tales of fear of India, timeless, with old gray hair hanging over their faces. It's a pretty creepy experience to walk around at night here.

Bhangarh Fort - One of the Most Haunted Locations in Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort, one of the most enchanted areas of India, does not need any introduction. This popular visitor location will startle you! Also, if it is provided at the end, then, however, it is ranked at the top whenever we talk about any kind of enchanted tales.

Background Behind - A popular story behind the fear of the strong states that a Tantric wanted to marry the queen of the fort - Rani Ratnawati. After discovering his evil thoughts, Rani got the Tantric that used to do black magic in his palace.

Spooky Cases - The foot is the area to meet with events like the ghost of Tantric screams, the women who cry for help, as well as the noise of the bangles.

Have you also seen a ghost in any of these enchanted places in Rajasthan? If yes, share your story with us. If you understand more hidden places of fear on rajasthan must share!

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