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7 Makeup and Grooming Hacks To Try Right Now If You Love DIY

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10 months ago
10 months ago
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Good makeup is expensive, there is no doubt about that. And when that makeup is ruined by accident, it breaks your heart. But not to worry, because below we will help you out with homemade DIY solutions to fix all your makeup products.

1. Fix broken Lipstick :


Of all the makeup mishaps, broken lipsticks are like your worst nightmare. But you can easily salvage them using some heat.

Step 1. Heat the lipstick base and stick the lipstick bullet back on it :

Hold the base of the broken lipstick close to a candle flame to slightly melt the lipstick. Don’t overheat it, as it can damage the lipstick case.

Stick the lipstick bullet back onto the base.

Step 2 : Heat it again to seal the edges

Hold the lipstick close to the flame again, and keep rotating it to melt and seal the crooked edges. Do this only for a few seconds.

Hold the lipstick upright to allow it to set perfectly onto its base.

Step 3. Wipe off the melted lipstick

Use a cotton swab to clean any melted lipstick off the barrel of the case.

Refrigerate the lipstick for 30 minutes to let it solidify, then it’s ready for use.

2. Clean silver Jewellery with Toothpaste :


Tartar-control toothpastes work the best since they contain the most hydrated silica, which is the ingredient that helps polish your teeth. To make your tarnished ring look new again, brush the toothpaste over your jewellery a few times, buff the ring with a paper towel, and then rinse off any remaining toothpaste on the ring with warm water.

3. Use Mascara as Eyeliner


If you’re in a pinch and don’t have any eyeliner, you can use your mascara as eyeliner.

Apply mascara as eyeliner using a thin brush

Dip a clean, thin brush into your mascara tube.

Stroke it along your eyelash line, just like you would apply a regular eyeliner.

4. Lather your legs in conditioner if you run out of shaving cream :


The purpose of shaving cream is to give you a hydrating cushion between the razor and your skin. So if you ever run out of shaving cream and are in a pinch (or just want to save a few bucks), use your hair conditioner to lather up your legs pre-shave.

5. Use cold green tea bags to decrease puffiness under your eyes:


The quickest way to de-puffing and tightening your under-eye skin is to apply a cold, caffeine-based product, like two cold green-tea bags, under your eyes for five or six minutes.

6. Use coconut oil to create a conditioning hair mask before you wash it or to soften the look of split ends when it's dry:

Source- Getty Images

Pure coconut oil is rich in fatty acids and proteins, so you can expect your hair to look healthy, shiny, and hydrated. A little goes a long way, so whether you're using coconut oil as a hair mask or to keep your ends healthy and split end-free, use it sparingly. If you use the oil as a mask, a good deep cleansing shampoo with an astringent like tea tree will help clear away any excess coconut oil, so your hair doesn't feel filmy afterward.

7. Turn a Pencil Eyeliner into a Gel Liner:


Working with pencil eyeliners everyday can be troublesome, since they do not glide on smoothly. But there’s a quick fix to turn your pencil eyeliner into a gel liner. Just heat it up for a second and voilà – flawless, darker strokes of kohl.

-Hold the pencil eyeliner over a flame for 1 to 2 seconds.

-Move it away from the heat and let it cool for 15 seconds.

-Stroke the newly created gel liner on your wrist to check the consistency, then apply it on your eyelids to get well-defined eyes.

Which one are you trying?

By Ria Chakravarty

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