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7 Instagram-Worthy Restaurants in Bangalore with Top Notch Food

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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With a number of restaurants up on the rise, Bangalore definitely has a tough competition in determining which of these restaurants are the best in terms of food and in ambience. The ambience of any restaurant play quite an important role and thus we have enlisted a few of the very best that you can find in the city and make yourself feels special as well.

1. Edo (average cost for 2 people- INR 4000)

If authentic Japanese is your take in food, then Edo will never disappoint. Mainly because of the fact that Edo is based out of authentic Japanese food with the best in class artifacts right from Japan. The food, along with the ambiance makes this places an unforgettable experience for sure.

2. Alba (average cost for 2 people- INR 4000)

No doubt Alba is one of the best places that you can go to have one of the best romantic nights and dinner of your lifetime. Surrounded by glass and marble overlooking the lush green trees of Bangalore, Alba has a lot to offer other than its food. It is mainly because of the way that it has been designed and curated that makes it this special.

3. Lantern (average cost for 2 people- INR 3500)

Lantern is one of the places where you get authentic Chinese but with something really different. The tastes are quite exquisite and different as well. Regardless of the food, the ambience is where it steals the deal by having exotic materials as its main décor and makes it the best place to be for enjoying the ambience.

4. 13th floor (average cost for 2 people- INR 1700)

As the name says it, having food overlooking the Bangalore skyline is breathtaking to experience for sure. Not only this but then having one of the best experiences in taking the surroundings filled with clouds and tiny building makes it even more special. Night times are even more special mainly because of the fact that you can witness nightlife of Bangalore all from the top.

5. Shiro (average cost for 2 people- INR 3000)

This place is a must to be if you are a fan of Chinese culture and things surrounding it. No doubt that Shiro happens to be exquisite in many of the things, but then the ambiance is one thing that you can never forget. It will automatically give you the feeling of authentic China and will give you the experience of a lifetime.

6. Chianti (average cost for 2 people- INR 1500)

If romantic evenings with the best in class Italian food is what you are looking for, then Chianti will never disappoint. The place sports a casual Italian theme with top-notch service and an Italian menu that makes the experience a step higher than anyone else.

7. Farzi cafe (average cost for 2 people- INR 1500)

If Indian food with a western take is what you like, then farzi café is the best place that you can be in order to get everything right. Needless to say that Farzi café happens to be the best place for an outdoor seating food experience but with a middle eastern seating arrangement that makes it equally epic and amazing as well.

By Harshil Patel

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