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7 Instagram-Worthy Restaurants in Bangalore that Serve Equally Delicious Food

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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If you are a blogger or a photogenic person, then Bangalore is filled with places where you can enjoy taking photos. Social media has taken a storm with photos online and therefore in this article, we are going to discuss places that are Instagram-worthy and serve the most delicious food. Let’s get started.

1. Byg Brewski (cost for two- INR 1600)

The most talked about place in Bangalore for the moment, Big Brewski happens to be the best of the best when it comes to openness and the finesse of the overall ambiance. Mainly because of the fact that it has a huge seating space with pool right in the middle thus giving that resort sort of a feeling. Hence make sure to check them out if you are in Bangalore anytime soon.

2. Smoor (cost for two- INR 900)

The best of the best, Smoor has some really wonderful things to offer. The presentation of the food is epic and the sheer ambiance will give you the feeling of eating something really good. Definitely check them out if you are a person who likes to have some mouth-watering desserts and some amazing food.

3. Lavonne (cost for two- INR 800)

The most famous dessert place located in one of the most happening places in Bangalore, Lavonne is a must try if you are interested in celebrity dessert chefs making desserts for you. The place is just filled with cute little deserts and also can give you the feeling of sitting in a really expensive bakery but then it actually isn’t. Do check them out for some amazing photographic experience.

4. Dive (cost for two- INR 1300)

A relatively less known place in Bangalore, Dive Café is one of those places where the overall ambiance gives you some sort of aquarium feel and can give you the best experience of eating food underwater. With hookah and alcohol available at the same place, it’s a twist and turn of Indian flavors with an American element.

5. Cafe Down the Alley (cost for two- INR 500)

Based on the authentic American café scenario, Café Down the Alley brings about a lot of bright ambiance with some interesting flavors to the table such that you can have the best time possible and also the place doesn’t disappoint in terms of the overall presentation of the food and the way that place is actually made. A beautiful experience for people who might want to have a good photographic experience.

6. Dolci Desserts (cost for two- INR 750)

This place is the place to be if you ever wanted some really interesting take on some very fine Italian food. Dolci is the best place for everything that you might have ever dreamt of- a fine dessert place to take your sweetness to a whole new level, fine Italian food that can make you go spellbound into thinking how good it is and the ambiance is the best thing about this place.

7. Bloomsbury's (cost for two- INR 900)

Mainly a boutique and a bakery, Bloomsbury happens to be the place where you can try out anything and everything that you want. With some fine American take on the ambiance and some really good presentable food, it’s definitely going to fill up your DMs with people asking where this place is?

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