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7 Budget-Friendly Countries to Visit With Your Friends that Will Soothe Your Wanderlust

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6 months ago
6 months ago
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Travelling is one of the most relaxing and therapeutic experiences; especially after an exceptionally hectic month in the office or a tiring three-to-four year long graduate program. To wrap up the good days of college life with one amazing trip with all your friends, before you step out into the big bad world of jobs and taxes, taking a trip abroad is an ideal choice. But as students, we get that budget is always a problem. So here are seven of the most affordable, beautiful and breathtaking travel destinations for that promising grad trip you have been dreaming of since the day you step foot in the college!

1. Sri Lanka

Just next to India lies this beautiful haven of lush landscapes and a rich culture, the climate is one that matches India to a large extent. Beautiful beaches with some of the best tropical drinks and food, Sri Lanka promises to be a wonderful backpacking destination. A trip of almost a week can be achieved in as low as ten thousand per person for two people travelling together, as the number of student hostels has sprung up greatly in the past few years. A flight from Kochi to Colombo can cost as low as thirteen thousand. Visit heritage sites, take part in art and culture tours and seek out the daredevil in you via adventure sports.

2. Nepal

Mostly beautiful valleys resting in the most scenic of landscapes, Nepal is another neighbouring country which promises a relaxing, quiet and cheap trip. If nightlife and partying is not very high on your to-do lists for a vacation and your group is just looking for some reflection time, a trip to Nepal can cost you in air tickets as low as nine thousand from New Delhi to Kathmandu. Adventure sports and nature tours along with local sightseeing are promising avenues to consider and stay can be handled for as cheap as five thousand in Airbnbs.

3. Seychelles

This beautiful African island country is made up of, obviously, beaches and its naturally picturesque sunsets. An amalgamation of 100 islands, Seychelles is a wonder to behold. Living there for a week can be managed in as low as ten thousand per person. Attractions include glass bottom boat cruises, water and leisure sports, and island exploring.

4. China

A very much in demand tourist destination in Asia, China has seen a great boom in its tourism industry in the past few years. It boasts of being the third most visited nation in the world. A stay in China can be covered for as low as seven thousand per person and Mumbai to Shanghai flights are running at an all time low price of twenty-five thousand.

5. Portugal

If you’ve got Europe on your mind, Portugal can make for a surprisingly low budget travel destination. Living in Lisbon’s middle ranged hotels will amount to around six thousand per night and on a grad trip, living in party-oriented hostel would not be out of the picture, cutting your costs even more. With a general buzz similar to that of Spain, Portugal is less crowded and less expensive and has way more beaches. With cheap-and good wine being sold for as low as five euros- around four hundred rupees- it’s a good idea to keep this on your list.

6. Bhutan

Go and see the country with the highest Gross National Happiness (GNP)- and who would not be happy living in such beauty? Buddhist monasteries, scenic valleys and temples with stories, Bhutan has it all. Travel in local buses and eat local produce; this is one trip that will for sure make you happy! A cheat trick is to not take a direct flight, but land first at Bagdogra for around six thousand and then travel in a bus across the border for around fifteen hundred. Stay in guest houses and motels can be for as low as two thousand.

7. Maldives

Although still cheaper as compared to say Italy or France, Maldives does fall a little on the not-so-cheap side. But, if you want to party and holiday like the stars, this is the place to be. Promising beautiful beaches with blue water, bonfires and amazing hotels, Maldives is picture perfect. With a nightlife that is abuzz even during the day, a round trip will cost you around twenty five thousand and stay can be managed for as cheap as a thousand bucks per person per night.

By Eerishika Pankaj

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