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7 Books Banned in India That are Definitely Worth a Readverified tick

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7 months ago
7 months ago
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Words are something you express yourself with and are beautiful in every sense. They give you freedom to say what you want. But then there are some words that can really get you in trouble (the irony, huh?). There are some books which have been banned in India mainly because they offended a group of people.. Hence let’s take a look at which of these books are banned and why.

1. An Area of Darkness by V. S. Naipaul

This book was banned in India mainly because of the negativity that it sports about India and how its culture is portrayed. It shows the culture of people and the bad things that are happening in the country. Truth be told, it’s the correct depiction but negativity can hurt anyone. And for India, it sure did. Read it if you want to know how India actually is and what goes on in the country.

2. The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie

When someone attacks a powerful religion in India or anywhere else in the world, then it becomes obvious that it is going to get a whole lot of criticism and also accusations such that the book itself gets banned. But then this book mainly criticises the prophet and offends Islam such that death threats and murderous attempts have already been carried out on the author. Read it if you want to know what the author is capable of delivering and also an interesting story to be told.

3. Rangila Rasul by Pandit Chamupati M.A.

A very old book that was released during the 1920’s got a lot of criticism and also was banned in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as the book was all about the prophet and his life which the Muslim community did not take well. If you want to know more about the prophet and his life, then read this book that will give you an insight about his daily life.

4. The Hindus: An Alternative History by Wendy Doniger

Never did anyone know that humour would get a book banned in India. But it sure did as this 683-page book didn’t impress the Indian people and was immediately banned mainly because of one reason and that was that it portrayed the Indian gods in a humorous manner. If you want to get a feel about what humour might be amongst the almighty, then go for it.

5. Shivaji: Hindu King in Islamic India by James Laine

When there is something that is true about someone then the crowd might not accept that and force a ban on that material which has shown the truth. Same goes with the book where the author depicts the overall life about Shivaji which the Maharashtra government and the people didn't take well. They sent an appeal to the Supreme Court and the High Court of India but these appeals were rejected. A good read if you want to know what the life of Shivaji was like.

6. Understanding Islam through Hadis by Ram Swarup

When you torment a religion that is followed by millions, then you are waiting for an avalanche of problems such that you can neither avoid it nor escape it. The same thing happened to the book where it explained the things that happen in the religion of Islam and the author is really harsh towards it and that caused the book to be banned and the author arrested and fined as well. A book that could give you an insight into Islam but then form an author's point of view, the opinions may vary.

7. The Myth of the Holy Cow by Dwijendra Narayan Jha

In India alone, the cow happens to be one of the most sacred animals such that everyone worships it even today. But since the Vedic and the prehistoric days, people have been eating beef for a really long time. The book was banned in India and the Hyderabad court also passed the order to ban it. The author sure did receive several death threats but then if you want to know more about the sacred animal and everything the author has to say, then a must read to know more.

Which book are you planning to read next?

By Harshil Patel

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Moin Âdil Ali

i Think its better to be banned. A. The choose the most sensitive topic 'Religion' and about 'specific country'. B. They wrote it very Harshly, without caring about others sentiments. C. They wrote it ok ! But they dont wrote it with both perspective, Good or Bad. Everything has two sides. D. We will not die, if we dont read it. And it spread hate. If a book spreads hate, then better you dont re

6 months ago