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6 Yummy Things to Eat While on a Diet

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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We all love food and we all love our health, and for some of us being in shape is a top priority for the same. Most people start a diet but end up not finishing it because the sheer amount of bland dishes that you have to consume over the course deter the person who takes on this quest. Let’s be honest, there are only so many ways you can convince yourself to think oatmeal is the new pizza. Here we present to you 6 food items that not only taste good but are also the perfect fit for a diet!

1. Leafy Greens and well, all greens


Lettuce, cucumbers, beans, pickles, jalapenos, capsicums, avocados and olives (let’s focus on the green ones); all of these have extremely low calorie counts and taste delicious. Put them all together in one bowl and add some Caesar dressing to it and you are good to go for a salad that will not only taste delicious but also guilt free.  A personal favorite are zucchini fries; not fries but sprinkled with Cajun spice and olive oil and then grilled.

2. Chickpeas


Turn them into hummus for a dip to have with pita bread or spread the made hummus out on multigrain bread, turn the chickpeas into soup or incorporate it in your salad and pasta. Half a bowl of chickpeas has less than a hundred calories; you can simply roast them with Cajun spices for a healthy snack.

3. Dark Chocolate


It has been proven that a square of dark chocolate is far more satisfying than milk chocolate so eating less will also feel enough. Moreover, making a dip out of dark chocolate and using it as fondue style compote for cut fruits. Dust a little cocoa powder on a handful of dry fruits to get the sweet and protein mix you need.

4. Whole grain pasta

Source- Pinterest

You would think a diet means no pasta, but that is only applicable when you turn to the regular high-carbohydrates containing pasta. Whole grain pasta on the other hand tastes almost the same and can be had as part of a salad or as your favorite pesto. Thin noodles can also be used if you are more partial to Asian cuisine.

5. Eggs

Source- Pinterest

The cheapest protein that can be eaten as any meal be it morning, afternoon or night, eggs are one of the best food items to turn to when hungry. Not having more than a hundred calories, turn them into omelets with sunny side up, poach them or hard boil them or simply scramble them with tomatoes and spinach.

6. Avocados


While being an expensive thing to buy in India, avocados have monounsaturated fats in them which basically makes sure your body gets rid of all other fats. You can simply turn them into delicious toasties or use them in sandwiches, turn them into dips or make a protein shake. A recommended dish to try out would be to split the avocado into two sides and post removing the seed, break and egg into it like a bowl, add salt and pepper and bake; your eggs in an avocado will taste superbly good.

By Eerishika Pankaj

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