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6 Spices Every Self Proclaimed Masterchef Must Have in Their Kitchen

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6 months ago
6 months ago
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Indians and their spices are inseparable. This is not only because we are big foodies but also because we know how effective those spices are in curing a lot of ailments and diseases. The spice history of India is so fascinating that all over the world Indian cuisine has become a favourite. Here are some of the spices discussed which one must always have with them.


We will discuss how they are significant and what a wonderful impact they have in our daily lives.

1. Turmeric


Not a single Indian household can run without this spice. Turmeric plays a crucial role in our cooking method. However, the ingredient is very necessary on a regular basis. The anti inflammatory properties helps in providing relief from arthritis pain. Not only that, in cases of cuts, it is a superb healing agent that can be applied on the cut to trigger fast recovery. When consumed with milk, it can improve the digestive problem and relieves you from bloating as well as gives you protection from flu.

2. Clove


Cloves are high on antioxidants and are antibacterial. They help in improving your health if consumed in small amount regularly. Whenever you catch cold, cloves can provide relief to throat irritation. Since they are high on antioxidants, they are said to prevent cancer. For diabetic patients, it is essentially good in regulating sugar. It boosts the immune system and also improve the health of liver.

3. Black Pepper


Black pepper is termed as black gold for a reason. The spice is so effective in curing a lot of diseases that it is unbelievable. It helps in regulating blood pressure. It also helps in preventing weight gain so always squeeze lemon and pepper in your fatty foods to prevent gaining weight. Pepper is also good for treating flu. It improves in digestion and relieves you from indigestion. This is high on antioxidants so it helps in preventing cancer.

4. Nigella Seeds


It is so surprising that as simple as something like Kalonji can cure so many problems. Nigella seeds can be used to extract an oil which cures skin problems like acne or even cracked heels. The oil, if applied during headaches, can provide relief. It is said that if it is consumed with lime juice then memory gets strengthened. It is also good for preventing kidney stones. It can even improve the immune system.

5. Ginger


The flavour of ginger is so beautiful that it is a favourite ingredient to many. Ginger has many medicinal properties like it stimulates bile production for improving digestion. It can be consumed raw, dried or even juice can be extracted and then used in dishes. It reduces cholesterol which improves the health. If consumed with tea, it can cure flu and cold.

6. Cardamom


The elaichi is quite popular in the South Asian countries. The flavour is so strong that it is a favourite in many dishes whether sweet or spicy. It has diuretic properties which tends to regulate high blood pressure by urine creation to discharge toxic elements from your body. It is rich in antioxidants and also has anti-inflammatory properties. It can also fight bad breath.

However, it must be remembered that these spices should not be taken directly in huge quantities because too much of anything can cause harm. There should be a particular way of making them a part of your diet and in small proportions. Researchers are doing studies to make these an ingredient in several medicines to treat some major diseases like Alzheimer, Cancer, Blood Pressure and Diabetes.

By Arkamita Ghosh

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