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6 of the Most Loved Food Chains in Pune You Have To Try

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7 months ago
7 months ago
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Food is a joy everyone loves to experience; and all cities have certain food places that are spread all over the city, are unique only to that city and are loved by the locals. They also make a traveler want to come back to them again and again, and tend to form an association with their memories of the city. The difference between a food chain and a restaurant, apart from the definitions, is that food chains usually tend to be more fairly priced and offer the same taste spread over a city, hence become more accessible. Some of the most well-known food chains in the world like Dominos, McDonalds and Subway have become iconic names associated with cuisines from different places. Some of the most loved food chains in Pune are listed below and we recommend you to check them out!

1. Marrakesh

Source- Swiggy

Serving some of the best and most delectable Middle Eastern cuisine as well as North Indian food in the city, Marrakesh is a favorite of all Punekars. From rolls and shawarmas to kebabs and biryanis, Marrakesh has it all with a wonderful touch of taste unique only to this food chain. With student friendly rates and scrumptious meals, Marrakesh is the number one recommendation on this list!

2. The J

Source- Swiggy

For French fries fanatics, this is a must try. Serving generous portions of fries in conical plates loaded with sauces of your choice and toppings, the J has taken the city by storm. They also offer delicious shakes alongside the fries and the staff is always friendly. A meal in itself, these yummy fries will help soothe your palate and fill your tummy!

3. UFO

Source- TripAdvisor

UFO is another fast food chain that serves delectable loaded fries and pretty interiors. This is a vegetarian chain, but has a wider variety of options to select from as compared to the J. Juicy burgers, potato twisters, beverages, loaded nachos and saucy corn bowls, this is a haven for your taste buds!

4. Kalyan Bhel

Source- TripAdvisor

Kalyan Bhel is a legend in Pune. It has been operating in the city since the last 30 years. The founder started as a street vendor, and now the chain has 7-8 snack shops in major parts of Pune. They exclusively serve chaat, but their bhel is the best.

5. Chaitanya Paratha

Source- JustDial

Home food needed and on a budget? Head over to the outlet closest to you for a huge range of parathas and binge on a proper meal loaded with butter and served with curd and pickle. Feel free to ask the friendly staff about the bestsellers and you will not be disappointed!

6. Falahaar

Source- Zomato

Serving some of the best juices, fruit shakes and sandwiches in the city, they also have mocktails and pizzas which are a treat to your taste buds. When on a budget and facing pangs of hunger, do go to this amazing outlet for some yum food!

Which one do you want to try?

By Eerishika Pankaj

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