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Nicole Pore


6 Key Tips to Have a Hassle-Free Hotel Stay with Your Pet Dog

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a month ago
a month ago
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Lodging in a good quality hotel for your vacation, travel or staycation would be really nice if you have everything necessary prepared and controlled as much as possible. If you will spend your lovely time there with your family and other loved ones, you surely look forward to a meaningful and fun relaxation and bonding.

Aside from the humans dear to you, you might also go and bring with you your clingy pet dog or dogs! You might be that owner who can’t just leave his/her furry baby at home and can’t just stand the thought that it will be missing its pet mom or dad. Well, especially if you have no one to leave it to, you have no choice but to take them to your trip.

Letting your dog experience the great time you’ll be having in the hotel is a sweet and cute idea, but it can also present some struggles for you as an owner and for your pet. That is why there are many things for you to remember so you can have a hassle-free hotel stay with your darling dog.

Here are 6 of them. See to it that you consider them very well for they will be of sure aid for your comfort and convenience.


Hotels are made for humans, but not all of them are limited to humans only. There are those that also allow pets in their establishments. It’s just that of course, there are fees that come with the permission that they can enter in.

Before making the final decision to bring your pet dog, do not forget to see and understand first all the charges that you will be tagged with by doing so. Hotels have different rates for pets, so make sure you carefully and clearly look into the offers and provisions of the accommodation you have chosen.

Be watchful with pet fees because just like in human fees, there might be some hidden charges that will surprise you upon checkout. It is best to take important note of all the regular rates and the additional fees in complete detail.

Also, be certain with which are non-refundable and non-negotiable so you won’t expect any price adjustments anymore. Be informed that the size of your dog is also a huge factor in determining the rates you’ll be billed.


Photo Source: Flickr - Tim Simpson

There are mandatory regulations set by the hotel for everyone’s general safety and for the hotel’s security, productivity and proper management. As a human, you know that neglecting those rules come with great consequences, thus, it must not be done. For your pet, there are rules as well, and it’s you who will be responsible for anything that it causes to happen there.

Absolutely, if you’re alone and if you’re with your companions, you already have a huge obligation to be disciplined and to be mindful in the hotel. You can still remind your family and friends, but they already have their minds to be responsible for their own actions. Well, for your pets, it’s different for it puts all the accountability only on your shoulders. What your pet does is all on you. 

This is why as an owner, you should make sure that all rules are set on good conditions with your pet so it can avoid causing any accident and damage in the vicinity of the hotel. If there are spots restricted for any kind of pet, then do not bring your furry baby near them because they might accidentally or stubbornly go there.

All rules for pets are rules for pet owners, so know them specifically for you not to fail complying to any of them. This lessens your worries about your pet making any mishaps and mess occur in the hotel.


Photo Source: Snoozer Pet Products

One of the restrictions that some hotels impose is that pets must be placed in carriers at specific times and in particular places. It’s for your own pet’s safety, other guests’ safety and your convenience. This is mostly needed if your pet is hyper and/or has incidents of biting.

If you are leaving your dog freed in your hotel room while you are out, see to it that you will hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign outside of your room. It will disable hotel employees from getting inside, thus, from the possibilities of experiencing any accidents with your alarmed pet. Employees’ safety is very important as well.

Meanwhile, if you are expecting hotel staff to come in for room services like cleaning and bringing anything you need, make sure that your dog is locked inside its crate or carrier. Some hotels set rules about keeping pets inside their houses while left by the owner in the hotel room, and it’s just so necessary to avoid biting incidents and all the other problems that go with them.

Aside from the above-mentioned concern, a carrier will also be helpful for you to easily take your dog in hotel areas where they are not allowed to set foot on. If its too playful also, you can avoid running around and catching each other which can tire you out and can even cause unexpected and unwanted happenings to take place.


Your pet needs walking and moving too. If you do not want to box them inside the room all-day in your hotel stay, it would be a wise consideration to inquire whether the place has any areas where pets can have time to run, play, be naughty and energetic.

There may be areas perfect for bonding with your pet like pet pens, pet rooms and even outdoor pet spaces. When booking, ask whether there are green areas in the hotel and if the surroundings would be hospitable for pets especially if your sweetheart has any health issues to look after.

Staying in a hotel together with your pet is much more sensitivity-requiring than when you are just thinking about yourself and the areas you can stay in. Animals are different, so they might not be comfortable and healthy in areas not created and not designed wholly for them.


It will be a cool bonus for your pet dog if the hotel has special pet services on their accommodation inclusions and/or offers. Although it’s not necessary or at least “not always”, still getting such aidful services for your dear pet might be a beautiful experience for it, especially because it’s not everyday that it experiences such in a good hotel.

These pet services are helpful for you to also enjoy your vacation even more while not being bothered by the your pet’s safety and security. In situations wherein you have to leave your pet so you can stroll, explore, go sightseeing and do other activities peacefully, these services that will take charge over your pet will be of immense help.

Several hotels also have purpose-built beds as pets’ resting place. There are treats that pets would surely love! If the hotel is too nice, it can also offer you dog-sitting and dog-walking services, so you won’t have to do it on your own the whole time. That would be good if your pet is people-friendly and can easily get close with the trusted hotel staff.

There could be events and activities focused on pets. If you luckily booked on such dates, then it’d be a memorable hotel stay and experience for you and your dog. It will be really convenient for you and your pet if you select a hotel that kindly caters to pet owners and their pets.


If you get stressed with occasions and with surroundings, your pet also does. Sometimes, too many strangers come near to say hi, touch and rub it if your pet’s too nice, but you might not always notice that it gets so distressed too.

Not controlling the people that come to it and play with it, you are also not controlling the stress that it can acquire which, at the same time, can stress you out. Here, again, you will see the importance of asking about the environment and atmosphere in the hotel.

Watch your pet for signs of anxiety and distress. Any health problems might occur anytime, and they will worry you so much, disallowing you to enjoy and seize your supposedly joyful hotel stay. There might be straining times for your pet that can make it go untamed and irritated. Watch out for those times because they might be harmful or scary for other people. 

Give your pet dog a time and a place to relax, adjust and recover calmly without disturbances. Just like you, your pet gets exhausted with meeting, greeting and interacting for so long in a day, so be sensitive with that. As much as you can, control the stress inhaled by your pet; remember, that stress also radiates to your own basket of stresses.



Bliss and fun will be in your heart as you enjoy a great vacation or hotel staycation with the people you love and with the pets you cherish. Just keep in mind that staying in the hotel with your pet also comes with a bigger accountability; that’s why you must be fully informed and composed about everything related to its needs.

A safe and well-conditioned hotel stay for your pet is a hassle-free hotel stay for you and for the other guests and a convenient work for the hotel management and staff. With your efforts to achieve a stress-free hotel stay, you can make bigger advantages for yourself and for other lives.

AUTHOR BIO: Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Travel, health, shopping, lifestyle and business are among the many subjects she writes about. Through quality and well-researched writing, she informs and even entertains readers about things that matter. She is also interested in film critiquing and filmmaking. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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