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6 Insane Treks Around Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh That Are Totally Worth Your Time

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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When we talk adventure, treks and outdoors in India, we almost always think of Uttarakhand, Rajasthan or Ladakh. But what about the folks who might be living in Maharashtra or Madhya Pradesh? Well, here is a list of some of the best most challenging treks from these states sure to get your adrenaline pumping:

Torna Fort Trek

  • Pune - Maharashtra
  • Elevation - 1405m
  • Approximate trek duration - 4 hours
  • Difficulty - Hard
  • Best time to visit : October - March
  • Approximate Cost - Rs 2500 onwards


Climbing the height of Torna may be a difficult task but it’s worth it. Thanks to the beautiful view of Sahyadri mountains from the top, being the first fort to be captured by Shivaji, Torna carries with itself interesting lore, sure to keep you gripped. The trek begins at Velhe Village and takes us through desolate buildings, ancient temples and the incredible grassland plains known as Bhudhala Mache.

The trek is best scaled in winters and be sure to carry plenty of water because you’ll be exploring it’s beauty for quite a while. Extra caution should be exercised during monsoon due to the slippery nature of the rocks, though ropes are not required. Trekkers often carry tents with other camping equipment along with insulators as Torna is a popular camping spot.

Velhe village can be reached by NH-4 with is approximately 35 km from Pune Railway Station.

Trek To Lohagad Fort

  • Khandala - Maharashtra
  • Elevation - 1052m
  • Approximate Trek Duration - 2 hours
  • Difficulty - Easy
  • Best time: June - February
  • Approximate Cost - Rs 2500 onwards


The trek to Lohagad fort begins at Lohagadwadi village and is a must try for your adventure loving family looking for a day out. Lohagad fort stands for ‘iron fort’ in Marathi and has a legacy spanning all the way back to the Peshwa period. The fort has multiple entrances all in good condition and is an architectural wonder of it’s time, surprising trekkers with it’s beauty since time immemorial.

The route to the fort is a pleasant one and is extremely popular amongst families looking for a day’s worth of outdoors experience. The climate becomes cold and misty during monsoon and trekkers are welcomed by a wide variety of beautiful blooming flowers. Arrangements for water and meals are made at the base camp at Lohagadwadi village and due to its low difficulty, high physical exertion does not come in the way of your enjoyment.

The best time to trek is from June to February and the base camp is approximately 65 km from Pune and 105 km (2 hours 30 minutes driving time) from Mumbai. It’s a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life to have a peaceful and easy going adventure with your loved ones.

Harishchandragad Trek

  • Ahmednagar - Maharashtra
  • Elevation - 1423 m
  • Approximate Trek Duration - 14-15 hours (Across 2 days)
  • Difficulty Level - Hard
  • Best time: All year
  • Approximate Cost - Rs 8000 onwards

This challenging adventure spans across 2 days of rigorous trekking and is sure to satisfy all your adrenaline needs. Based at Belpada Village, the trek consists of a clear trail which tends to get somewhat rocky towards the river beds.

The first day of the trek, about 9 hours long will start from the back of base camp, through rocky stream beds, and you’re in for a challenge as you negotiate your way through a gorge to reach the beautiful vicinity of Konkan Kada (mountain top). Ropes will be required to climb the gorge.

The second day is a 5-6 hour journey which will take you to the Taramati peak, sure to leave you spellbound if you reach it before sunset and watch the sunrise to its glory from the top. On your way back you will also come across temple of Harishchandreshwar and the cave of Kedareshwar.

The trek can be enjoyed with all it’s challenge and glory all year round and it’s as physically enduring as it is visually rewarding. If you’re an experienced trekker, this local trek has to be in your bucket list.

Bandhavgarh Fort Trek

  • Umaria - Madhya Pradesh
  • Elevation - 811 m
  • Approximate Trek Duration - 1 hour
  • Difficulty Level - Easy
  • Best time: October to June
  • Approximate Cost - Rs 2000 onwards


This trek is a journey through the accepting arms of nature and the ever present aura of history combined. It begins at the Tala Zone of Bandhavgarh National Park and ends at the fort at the centre of the national park. The fort is nearly 2000 years old and is one of the oldest in India.

You will also find a 35 feet tall statue of Lord Vishnu, truly a sight to adore.

The trek transverses through the national park itself and you will need a guide to help you scale it. The best time to visit the park is from October to June as it, remains closed to visitors during the monsoon season and accommodates about 1,80,000 visitors annually.

Amarkantak Treks

  • Jabalpur - Madhya Pradesh
  • Elevation - 1048 m
  • Approximate Trek Duration - Half day
  • Difficulty Level - Moderate
  • Best time: Oct - March
  • Approximate Cost - Rs 5000 onwards

Source- Wikipedia

Amarkantak is a pilgrim town in Madhya Pradesh with a population of little over 7,000. It is home to ancient temples and many traditional points of interest that are sure to keep you in their grip.

The Amarkantak trek starts from Sonmura and ends at ‘Maai ka Mandap’ which is a famous waterfall of the region. This 3-hour trek is about 265 km away from Jabalpur. The entire stretch from Sonmura to ‘Maai ka Mandap’ is approximately 10km of trekking in pleasant weather through soothening vegetation. You’re sure to come across beautiful waterfalls and a plethora of medicinal herbs.

The best time to trek the expanses of Amarkantak is from October to March. Amarkantak can be reached by rail, the closest railway station being 17 km away. Buses and taxis are also reliable transport options.

Bhimbetka Caves Trek

  • Bhojpur Raisen - Madhya Pradesh
  • Approximate Trek Duration - 1 hour
  • Difficulty - Easy
  • Best time: Oct - March
  • Approximate Cost - Rs 2000 onwards


The Bhimbetka Caves served as rock shelters for our ancestors in the prehistoric paleolithic and mesolithic periods. The rock paintings inside the caves take you back in time to the fierce yet pure world of prehistoric creatures. The site carries immense scientific importance as these paintings are in good enough condition to be studied.

The trek goes through thick vegetation and animal sightings, including Tigers, have been reported. Thus it’s preferred to travel in groups. Carry water bottles and you’ll be sweating plenty on your journey to the prehistoric age. The caves also serve as a soothing picnic spot for up to 20 people.

The best time to visit Bhimbetka caves is from October to March. Be sure to get a certified guide to take you around the caves front the best experience and greatest of memories.

By Lakshya Tyagi

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