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6 Indian Web Series You Should Absolutely Not Miss Out Onverified tick

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6 months ago
6 months ago
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In 2018, like a storm, digital has taken over our lives. Declining the structure of traditional Indian daily soaps, web series have created a market of their own. There are no fixed formulas or structure to confine to, but just pure and honest content. Away from the barriers of censorship, digital content has given wings to the artists who no longer can be suppressed by the certification board. For the people who are consuming a lot of this content, its works because of the relatability factor. The plot feels fresh, characters real, and the storytelling compelling. The Indian web industry have also upped their game, with some real engaging stories and never seen before visuals. This content which is mostly for individual viewing has received a vote of confidence from the audiences, and for all the right reasons. These are 6 Indian web series you should absolutely not miss out on:

1. Little Things

This is the story of a couple living together in the city of dreams. This is the story of Dhruv and Kavya. Bollywood has always taught us about the grand gestures, while this show which is a complete contrast to that norm, teaches us the value of the little things that matter in a relationship. These are characters we know, stories we have experienced or heard of, and a love story we deserve. This series has deals with mundane and everyday love which needs to be worked on. With a show that’s all about conversations, this one really makes a mark.

2. Sacred Games

Sacred Games started a revolution. This series is the first Netflix original coming out of India, which only goes on to prove how much our audiences have evolved. Releasing in various countries, this series really put India on the digital content map. Based on a book by Vikram Chandra, this series showcases parallel timelines with really interesting characters and a greater than life story. Set in the underbelly of Mumbai, this show is a visual treat for the audience. This crime-thriller deserves your attention.

3. Inside Edge

An Amazon prime original, this drama series takes us behind the world of politics in a premier sporting league in India and shows us the ugliness of showbiz, as well as the world of what’s possibly the most loved game in the country, Cricket. It’s a nail biting series with a lot of twists and turns and a really talented star cast. From sex, money to power play in politics, the series touches on everything.

4. Bose: Dead/Alive

Is there such a thing as too much Rajkumar Rao? I guess not. Created by the talented duo of Hansal Mehta and Rajkumar Rao who have given us gems like Shahid, Citylights and Omerta on celluloid, Bose is a compelling tale and an insight into the life of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. This series tries to unfold the truth behind the rumour and mystery of Netaji’s death, and also other aspects of his life. Rajkumar plays the character with a certain likability and panache. The method of storytelling is amazing and it’ll surely keep you invested. Bose: Dead/Alive is available on the ALT Balaji App.

5. What the Folks

An original series by Dice Media, this is a story of Nikhil who’s going to spend the next few weeks at his in-laws residence due to work. It’s a journey of how modern families are breaking stereotypes, overcoming generation gaps, and growing to love one another, despite having starkly different world views. What I personally love about this series is that the characters are unconventional. For instance, Anita, Nikhil’s wife is older than him, she is more successful, she has a higher paycheck, she is much stronger than him in lots of ways and she is cool with it. The best part is, he is cool with it.

We need more Women like her on the digital space.


This series by The Timeliners will instantaneously take you by to your coaching class days from high school. This series is all about first love and everything surrounding that feeling. The show will surely transport you back to the 90's when Pehla Nasha was the most romantic song. Every chapter has a romantic note attached to it which will surely make you go like AWW!

This show is all about friendships, first love, and heartbreak. The reason this show works is because of the naivety which the actors bring to the table.

So which one are you going to watch next?

By Rohan Chaturvedi

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