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6 Indian Talk Shows We'll Never Forget that Made their Mark

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a year ago
a year ago
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With Koffee with Karan just around the corner, we thought we will list some of the best talk shows India has had, that made a huge impact on the viewers. Talk shows around the world have always had the potential to entertain audience on a very large scale, while at the same time making a larger impact. Below are our picks-

1. The Kapil Sharma Show (2016-2017)

This show tops our list of Bollywood aka Indian originated talk shows. Almost everyone loved the show for it helped them laugh genuinely between their hectic schedules. It first premiered on 23 April 2016 on Sony TV. This series involved mainly Kapil Sharma and his neighbors in the Shantivan Non-Co-operative Housing Society: Sunil Grover, Kiku, Ali Asgar, Shumona, and Chandan. Among everything else, Kapil’s take on the problems common man faces in daily life was attractive. Also, the guest list of the show included Bollywood personalities, sports players, musicians/music Directors, singers and so on.

2. Satyamev Jayate (2012-Present)

Satyamev Jayate first premiered on 6 May 2012 and was hosted by the uber cool Aamir Khan. People connected with him instantly on the talk show because of the causes he promoted. Also, his personality exuberates a loyal and trustworthy image. The address to social issues gave a learning experience for everyone who makes it a point to watch the show on Sundays when people like to do nothing relax. The show also educated its viewers about laws and other information that they are not aware of and. As the motive of the show was to empower us all, it was a time for the whole family to be together in their living room glued to the television.

3. Koffee With Karan (2004-Present)

Koffee with Karan is a talk show hosted by Karan Johar. This talk show is the one stop shop where Bollywood gossip lovers get to know everything you need about a celebrity. The main language of this show is English and it helps youth connect to it. Also, the frank talks that Karan carries out with his guests are a controversial topic for celebrities but fun for its viewers. The Rapid Fire round, the most favorite round, during the run of the whole episode, keeps people more excited than the celebs !

4. The Great Indian Laughter Challenge (2005-Present)

This show essentially introduced us Indians to Siddhu ji's laughter and Shekhar Suman's wit. With comedy icons like Kapil Sharma, Raju Srivastava, Ahsaan Qureshi and many more, this show gave us tummy aches from laughing too hard, and some great memories from our childhood.

5. Movers & Shakers (1997-2001)

This is an old talk show that first aired on December 31, 1997, an odd day to start a talk show. Yet the show caught up in a big way as it featured celebrities including Shah Rukh Khan, Zakir Hussain, the late Allah Rakha, Yashwant Sinha, Kiran Bedi and the late Vilasrao Deshmukh.

Shekhar Suman’s chat show Movers & Shakers was a runaway hit in the late ’90s. Moreover, it had a good mix of comedy, satire and celebrity guests that entertained viewers. The format of the show is remembered even today for its quality and the entertainment it provided.

6. Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai (2002-2008)

It is no surprise that Farooq Shaikh was a charmer. He absolutely stunned the Indian entertainment industry with iconic performances like Umrao Jaan and Saath Saath. Not only that, he starred in several TV serials and shows after exiting the glam of Bollywood. Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai is one such iconic TV show. This talk show set a casual and nostalgic tone for all Bollywood fans and TV serial addicts. It was later hosted by Suresh Oberoi.

By Osheen Jain

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