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6 Crucial Life Lessons That Our Schools Failed to Give Usverified tick

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7 months ago
7 months ago
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Schools are the building blocks of our mentality. Through the education system at the primary level, our personalities are formed. Indian education system has been focusing on incorporating all to ensure literacy. However, it lacks some practical and necessary lessons that should have been taught long back.


Some of them are stated below-

1. Sex education

Talking about sex and sexuality is still a taboo in our country. This is why even if there is a hush hush about it, we all have been sufferers of wrong messages being spread about it. No matter how much we talk about creating awareness regarding sexual orientation, sexual mishaps and other subjects relating to it, a basic school education is what we need first. This needs to be talked and treated as a basic well being subject so that any approaches towards it doesn’t remain a topic of shame anymore.

2. Monetary Management

The purpose of education isn’t just limited to making you a good human being but also to immunize you with all the knowledge so that you can earn for yourself. However, given the condition of Indian economy, most of us don’t have a clue about how to make more money or even how to do savings. If you teach students the benefits of savings and how a proper finance management can secure their future, this will benefit them in becoming smart in monetary matters.

3. Gender Equality

Gender roles and it’s concept is briefly discussed in schools. What we need is to ensure that the new generation realises that the need of the hour is to treat everyone with respect and humility. Activities that promote the participation of girls and boys as partners can actually motivate one to push towards achieving this aim so that no offensive remarks or actions can happen in future.

4. Eco-friendly Actions

Many might recognise this subject as EVS, however the focus to make this planet sustainable is through actions. Once a year, planting trees won’t help but a disciplined lifestyle where the approach should be always adopting eco friendly measures is what we need. Take a cause and work on it like watering of plants, closing taps properly, switching off lights and fans or even gifting each other plants on birthdays are some small but life changing measures.

5. Mental Health Awareness

The way mental illness is hitting the people, it is necessary to create an awareness regarding this. So in order to recognise, understand and treat this disease, we need to have a proper understanding of this at the school level. This will help students to be aware of their issues, trying to find a way to deal with them and help each other out by reaching their closed ones. This will prevent them from making fun of those who are suffering from mental health issues which is usually seen amongst teenagers. This is quite necessary in our schools.

6. Social Responsibility

We need to have people amongst us who are helpful and kind. This is not always inherent in one but needs to be nurtured so that it encourages people to perform some social responsibilities. This may include helping the poor, comforting the old people, feeding the street animals or even donating something to the needy. This is not something that all are aware of as a responsibility but if schools work on making the kids be their best version, this is the type of education we need.

By Arkamita Ghosh

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