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6 Best Note Taking Apps in the Market You Must Have on Your Phone

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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Our lives are getting busier and hectic by the day. There are competing pressing demands on our time - be it the workplace assignments, child’s crafts exhibition, our daily groceries or that social telephone call to check on the recuperating relative we have been forgetting. With so many commitments, to be mindful of all in a day’s space, we often resort to note taking so that nothing of importance slips our mind. In the world of gadgetry assistance, there are a number of apps that make note taking easy.

App, abbreviation for application or application software, is one broad category of software, one that lies closest to the user and farthest from the hardware. Apps that run on mobile devices are called mobile apps like WhatsApp; those that run on the desktop are called desktop apps like word processors; and those that run on the web browsers are web apps like web mails.

There is a whole gamut of note taking apps, which facilitate taking a quick note anytime. We’ve sorted out the best ones for you based on user reviews and ratings!

1. Evernote


It is the most well-known name in note taking apps. Compatible with Android, iOS, Mac and Windows, it is one of the old names in the genre that continues to rule. It is feature rich, allowing the users to create notes in text, handwriting, photographs and audio. It has several organizational and collaborative features as well! Initially it was free, but now it is available in an abridged version free of cost and at a price for the enhanced versions.

2. Simplenote


Simplenote is a fancy feature-free, simple note taking app. It is compatible across platforms – Android, iOS,Windows, Linux, Mac and the web. Originally developed in 2008, it does not support images and attachments. Simplenote’s history lets you view the changes made to your notes. The app is available free of cost.

3. Zoho Notebook


This is a beautiful note taking app, replete with features. It makes organizing notes very creative with its pretty notebook designs. Notes can be text, images, audio, checklist and handwritten which is only available in mobile version. A drawing feature enables drawing diagrams. It is free of cost and compatible with Android, iOS, Web and Mac.

4. OneNote


Developed by Microsoft, OneNote has good synchronization with the applications of Microsoft Office. Notes can be taken in the form of text, handwriting or drawings. Audio and images are also supported. Quite a few of its features are on the lines of Evernote, so transitioning from one to another is not a problem. OneNote can run on Windows, Android, Mac and Chrome. One drawback is that it is slightly complex and takes a little time getting used to. OneNote is a freeware.

5. Google Keep


Compatible with Andriod, iOS, Google Chrome and Web, Google Keep is free of cost. It allows for better organization of notes with its colour coding attribute – all notes pertaining to one item and be coded in one colour! Image scanning and recording audios are a child’s play with Keep. A possible drawback is that folder wise organization of notes is not possible.

6. Squid


This is a lovely app meant for those who want the best of both worlds, of the golden days on pen and paper and the modern gadgetry. Herein, the finger or the stylus replaces the pen and the device screen becomes the new paper. Choice of inks and paper can be tailored to your taste to give you the real feel of handwriting. Erasure of written words is easy. It supports importing images and PDF files. It is compatible with Kindle Fire, Android, Windows and Windows phone. The basic features are free but higher features are available upon upgradation to the premium version at a price.

The app arena is a buzz with these and many more for you to choose from.These apps enable us to declutter increasingly demanding lives and stay organized!

By Bhavishya Pahwa

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