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Indrita Ganguly


6 Most Amazing Pizza and Pasta Restaurants in Kolkata You Definitely Should Try

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6 months ago
6 months ago
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Benvenuto guys! Welcome to our foodie’s handbook of 6 best restaurants in Kolkata that specialize in Italian cuisine. We have tried to keep the list of restaurants on the budget-friendly side as much as possible. Italian dishes generally include Bruschetta, Lasagne, Pizza, Pasta etc. and there is no lack of people in Kolkata who finds this cuisine absolutely delectable.

1. Fabbrica Della Pizza

This place in the Elgin area is absolutely one of its kind. The décor will definitely take your breath away. It’s decorated in those old European restaurant styles and the ambiance will give you a perfect vibe to have pizzas. The pocket pinch for two is around ₹600 to ₹800. People absolutely love Pasta, Mushroom Pizza, Spaghetti, Tiramisu, Salad, Pepperoni, Salad and hot Chocolate here.


2. Fire and Ice Pizzeria

So if you are a fan of pizzas and really like the authentic taste of Italian pizzas, you are surely in for a time of your life at this restaurant in Park Street Area of Kolkata. A meal for two people will cost around ₹1000 to ₹1200 and ₹170 will be charged for a pint of beer approximately. According to the restaurant, the place is known for “Woodfire pizzas that will leave foodies craving for more!!” On the other hand, you will have great options for mocktails to choose from.

3. Sumo Dough

This restaurant is a casual dining place situated in the Elgin area in southern Kolkata and is famous for its salads and Italian delicacies. No alcohol is available, though you won’t need one after tasting the amazing food here. Approximately a meal for two will cost ₹ 800 to ₹ 900 here and cash and cards both are accepted. Pizza, Ravioli, Pasta, Chocolate Cheesecake, Waffles, Tiramisu, Kit Kat Shake are some of the dishes that people crave here.

4. Pizza Hut

Talking about pizzas and pizza hut won’t come up, that can’t happen. Now, this is a pizzeria chain restaurant in India with many outlets situated in many places around Kolkata. In about a pocket pinch of ₹500, 2 people can enjoy the delicious food here. Pizza, Potato Wedges, Garlic Bread, Tomato Soup, Mocktails, Triple Chicken Feast, Salad are some of the dishes famous here. Pan pizzas are very famous here.

5. Eagle boys pizza

Situated in the Ruby Hospital area, this is one of those restaurants where you won’t be disappointed. A meal would cost ₹600 to ₹750 approx. and Garlic Bread, Brownie, Triple Chocolate, Pasta, Sweetza, Garlic Prawn Pizza, Peri Peri Chicken, and Chocolate Pizza are some of the must-try here.

6. Foodpath

And last but not the least, situated in Sinthi area in the Northern part of the city the Foodpath café absolutely makes their foodgasms memorable. They serve Italian as well as other cuisines of foods. ₹600 will be the pocket pinch for a meal here and it will be worth it.

All images are from Zomato.

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