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6 Amazing Travel Gadgets That Came from Kickstarter

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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Don’t get me wrong, traveling can become a pain in the neck if you don’t plan for it in advance and manage it efficiently. Everything from packing to unpacking, long security checks to delayed flights, all add to travelers’ woes. Thankfully, there are some people who are trying to do the opposite and taking the hassle out of traveling and making traveler’s life easier.

Here are some of the travel gadgets that sought funding through a popular crowd funding platform called Kickstart that you need to check out.

1. NOMATIC travel Bag

Claiming to be the most functional travel bag ever created, NOMATIC travel bag makes a tall claim. When you consider what it has to offer, you realize that their claim is not just a claim but a reality. Whether you want to carry around books, water bottles, digital devices, shoes and other valuables, you can pack all this in this bag. It is made up of sturdy materials and makes your travel care free. Not to mention the other useful compartments it has for underwear and its efficient cord management system that keeps all your cables organized so you don’t get tangled into a wire chaos.

2. Nod Travel Pillow

When you are traveling, your sleep cycle is disturbed due to varying time zones. The airplane seats are designed to sit not for sleep, which adds insult to the injury. To ensure that you enjoy a good night sleep while traveling, Nod has come up with an interesting pillow that let you sleep in an upright position. Calling itself “The Ultimate Sleep Travel Solution”, Nod Travel pillow deliver on its promises.

3.Marlon Carry On

Weighing in at shade under 3 kilograms, it provides 35% more space as compared to your traditional carry on. This makes Marlon carry on a brilliant travel companion to take with you on long trips. There are extra compartments for digital devices where you can keep your laptop, tablets and smartphones safe, without worrying about them getting lost. You also get USB charging ports with this bag that let you charge devices on the go so you never miss out on the opportunity to capture precious moments.

4. Hot Weather Pants

This might not great for everyone but if you are traveling to a city like Dubai to enjoy desert safari in dubai where mercury can shoot up to comfortable levels, these hot weather pants are a godsend. Made up of light fabric, which helps you keep cool under hot sun, these hot weather pants also secret pockets to keep your valuables. What makes this pant stand out from the crowd is its number of adjustable features. It’s moisture absorbing capabilities ensure that you stay sweat free during hot summer season.

5. GeeFi

Finding an internet connection can be challenging especially if you are traveling to rural areas. Even if there is internet connectivity, it won’t be reliable or stable enough to get work done. That is where GeeFi comes to your rescue. The gadget can provide unlimited 4G Wi-Fi connectivity worldwide. This portable device connects automatically to the nearest tower around your location with the strongest signal reception, so you can enjoy blazing fast speeds. Having GeeFi at your disposal means that you can stay connected to the internet even when you are yacht rental in dubai trip.

6. Epic Wipes

No matter how hygiene conscious you might be, there are days when you are so busy that you can not get time to take a shower. It can leave you smelly. Don’t worry because Epic Wipe is here. Calling itself, “The shower that fits in your pocket”, Epic Wipes are towel sized wet wipes are tailor made for busy travelers who can not get time to take a shower.  Designed by a US Army physician, these disposable wipes does not contain any harmful chemicals, so you can use them without worrying about rashes and acne.


These travel accessories and gadgets can help you solve problems that you encounter during travel and make your trip much more hassle free. By carrying the right accessories and gadgets on your trip, you can significantly improve your overall travel experience. Still confused about whether you should invest in these travel gadgets and accessories? See the value it delivers and you will realize that it save you from a lot of hassles and are totally worth the money you spend on these travel gadgets and accessories.

Which travel accessories and gadgets do you take with you on your business trip and why? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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