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6 Amazing Places in Kolkata to Have a Cute Breakfast-Brunch Dateverified tick

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for any person. It gives you the energy to carry out your day’s work more efficiently and effectively. However, often times, we do not have the time neither the energy to cook food at home so early in the morning. And there are only so many number of times you can have cereal before you become bored of it. For this purpose, I have made out a list of some of the places where you can have breakfast in Kolkata before going to work.

1. Paris Cafe

This little beautiful cafe is tucked away in Sector 5 area of Salt Lake. The place opens around 8:30 am and if you are travelling to Salt Lake for your office or coming from Salt Lake, do give this cafe a try. Featuring in the sweet tooth category, the cafe has an assortment of dishes which will satisfy the taste buds to your expectations. A bit on the steep side, the cost is Rs 1000 for two.

2. Terminal 11

Salt Lake is a big place in Kolkata and hence, there are numerous cafes in this big place. In Sector 1 of Salt Lake, there is a beautiful Cafe, known as Terminal 11. The specialty of this cafe is that it is a kid friendly cafe, meaning that there are a number of board games which you can play while waiting for your food. There is also live sports screening and most importantly, there is free wifi if you want to catch up on some important work. Opens around 8 o’clock in the morning. The food is priced on the high side with Rs. 800 for two.

3. Artsy

Minto Park is one of those places in Kolkata where most of the offices are located. Therefore, finding food joints here will not be a problem as every alley has one or two small food joints located there. Amongst them, there are a few cafes with a cozy ambience and delicious food, and Artsy Cafe is one such food joint. Situated in Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road, Minto Park, the Artsy Cafe is a one of the places to try out for an Italian, European or Asian Breakfast. The place opens around 9 o’clock in the morning and has one of the best interior decor one can ask for. Surrounded by books, the customers find it quite soothing to eat their breakfast. The price is quite reasonable at Rs. 700 for two.

4. Biker's Cafe

There are several breakfast places which are featured in the ‘Themes’ category. Biker’s Cafe in the Platinum Mall in Elgin Road is one such cafe. Decorated extensively on the theme of bikes, this cafe is a treat to the eyes of the customers. This cafe also has an air hockey table and a Jenga game for the customers to play while waiting for their food to arrive. The food here is quite delicious and filling and the ambience is great for the customers to click photos. This cafe also has live entertainment but not during the breakfast timings. Do give this cafe a try not only for breakfast, but also for other meals. The night life here is something to be experienced. The cost is Rs. 1100 for two.

5. 033

Moving to the Gariahat side, the cafes here are very reasonably priced. One such cafe is 033 near South City College, Gariahat. The cafe is very cozy and brightly lit. It opens around 8 am and thus, gets maximum of the college students as its customers, early in the morning. The food here is delectable and the cost for two is Rs. 500 approximately.

6. Bosphorus Churros and Co.

This cafe ‘s speciality is that it features Portuguese and Spanish food. This is quite unique as it is only few of the places in Kolkata where one can get these cuisines at such a reasonable price of Rs. 500 for two. It opens around 8:30 am and it located in Ram Mohan Dutta Road, Bhawanipore.

These are some of the Cafes of Kolkata which are a must try for breakfast. Even if you do not find the time for breakfast, do give these cafes a try some other time.

By Susmita Paul

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