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5 Yoga Positions That Can Help You Have Fun in Bed

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9 months ago
9 months ago
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Embracing your body is the best way to enjoy sex. Better flexibility and fitness can enhance your sex drive. This is exactly why yoga could be a great way of bringing some fun to your bedroom. Enhanced blood circulation in the pelvic region has a positive effect in improving sexual desire, orgasm, arousal, and overall satisfaction. Better flexibility can also make the act more exciting and playful.

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So here are 10 yoga poses that you can practice to add passion and adventure in your bedroom.

1. Viparita Karani [Legs up the wall]


This pose focuses on enhancing blood flow to the pelvic region.

Lie with your back on the floor. Slowly lift your legs straight in the air and bring it perpendicular to your body. Start by lifting your legs from your below your waist initially and later lift your upper body too. Your body should now be perpendicular to your face resting on the ground at your shoulder. Stay in the pose for 3 minutes and relax.

2. Garudasana [Eagle pose]


While maintaining this pose, the inner thigh region squeezes together. Upon releasing there is a fresh flow of oxygen through blood to the pelvic area. This pose also increases concentration as a lot of balance is required which will help relieve stress and anxiety.

Stand upright and slowly bend your left knee and wrap your right leg around your left. The knees have to be stacked over and your right foot should be in contact with your left shin. Wrap your left arm around your right and make sure your elbows are stacked. Bring your hip down to attain balance in this position and take deep breaths. After 3 minutes, relax and repeat the same with the other leg.

3. Setu Bandhasana [The Bridge]


This pose is particularly beneficial for women. This pose causes intense stretching at the hip region that will tone your vagina. By squeezing the pelvic muscles and then relaxing, you will enjoy better orgasms.

Lie on your back and slowly begin to bend your knees. Make sure your feet are hip-width apart and raise your hip region towards the sky. Hold in this position for about 10 breaths and then relax and repeat.

4. Haka [Horse]


This pose is recommended for men which will increase the flexibility at the hip. It will also increase the endurance of your lower back and remove the pressure formed here during any sexual encounter.

Stand straight and move your feet to stay 3.5 feet apart. Your toes must face outwards and your heels inwards. Tilt your pelvis forward and engage your core to lengthen your spine. Your shoulders should be positioned above your hips. Now lower your hip towards the ground and make sure the weight is evenly distributed. Hold in this position for 30 seconds before your relax and repeat.

5. Balasana [Child pose]


This pose is a great way of relaxing your body and mind and releasing stress. This will give you an enhanced sexual experience and intimacy with your partner.

Kneel down and then sit on your heels with your back arching. Stretch your arms in front of-of you and bend forward. Your forehead should touch the ground and you will feel pressure in your stomach area. Hold in the position for a minute and relax.

By practicing these positions regularly your overall flexibility and energy in your body will improve that will bring more fun to your bedroom.

By Varshnee Raj

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