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5 Unhealthy Practices that Couples Need to Stop Right Now

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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Love and relationships teach us a lot about compassion, effort and tolerance however they also put us through some unhealthy practices. Maybe, love is not so selfless as it seems.

People might not understand that in the name of love, everything is not fair. So here are a bunch of practices that couples often tend to do but must stop for their own sake.

1. Leaving your friends

In the name of relationship, couples forget there is a thing called friendship that came first. Once they have found a suitable partner, their life circulates around that single person. This entire devotion and effort towards the lover often makes them forget that friends matter, family matters. They end up losing friends since either they cancel any plans that are without their partner or they bring their partner to every occasion with their friends.

2. No “me time”

The partner is undoubtedly the best person in one’s life but the dependency on one person is suffocating and annoying. There was a time when they didn’t have anyone but themselves and there is a possibility that this relationship might not work out. In all these scenarios, people feel lonely, scared and insecure regarding themselves. This is why, spending time by yourself is highly recommended. There are certain things that couples should do individually to attain that independence where they are not together out of need but out of love.

3. Too much PDA

There are several people who might never understand where does the “too much” fit when it comes to PDA. Well, if you are in love, it is obvious you will show your affection towards your partner but when it comes to public spaces, a lot of people do get uncomfortable by such displays. Being close to your partner, kissing them, showing them love and hugging them are healthy and necessary. It becomes too much when while attending a meet with other people, they stop interacting with anyone else and are only full of themselves. It appears rude as a lot of people are failing to communicate as some couples are so self involved.

4. The unresolved fights

It is expected that there will be arguments and fights in every relationship. The worst happens when a big fight provokes the couple to bring up issues from the past to win the argument. This makes things ugly since the previous matters were never resolved. The issues from the past just got accumulated and never got fixed. So, however small the matter is, it needs to be discussed and resolved entirely in the time being.

5. Frequent Break Up and Patch Up

This is such a annoying habit for those couples who break up often and then get back together quickly. In one minute after the split, they will say nasty things about each other and then the minute they are together, they will be hard to separate. This disrupts the smoothness in their relationship and to be true, there remains a crack that only enlarges every time there is a fight. Be adults and make up your mind instead of making and breaking the relationship.

These are some of the issues that are quite commonly seen but needs to be fixed. Share some other unhealthy practices that you think can ruin a relationship.

By Arkamita Ghosh

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