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Hannah Lapine


5 Tips on How to Begin a Healthy Lifestyle

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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We all know we need to lead a healthy lifestyle which is one thing but implementing one is quite another as you’ve probably found out by now. However, it doesn’t take rocket science to live healthier and we’ll prove that with these five simple tips that are sure to change your life for the better.

1) More veggies and fruits

These two are the crucial pillars upon which you’ll build a healthy diet. Fruits and leafy greens are amassed with all sorts of essential vitamins and antioxidants which combine to help your body keep at bay disease-causing toxins and thereby improve your general immune system effectiveness. Moreover, antioxidants are also the key to youthful skin and have been substantiated to better eye health.

WHO highlights increased immunity and prowess in battling heart disease and certain cancers as one of the benefits of regular vegetable and fruit intake. Regular here encompassing a daily meal plan featuring varied fruits and veggies between nine and five servings.

2) Drink lots of water

It’s probably become a cliché by now but that piece of advice continues to hold water no matter how many times it's been said before. Water makes up 60% of our overall body composition which goes to show that it truly is the liquid of life.

Aside from hydration, water also has the benefits of improved well-being and nourishment. It can as well help keep weight in check, revitalize muscles, enhance brain functioning, get rid of accumulating toxins and regulate body temperature around the norm. 64 ounces, or 8 glasses, is the ideal daily water intake put forth by medical experts.

3) Exercise

The modern-day work environment involves a lot of sitting and general immobility which has played a large part in the spiraling cases of obesity, heart diseases and other health issues resulting from such a stationary lifestyle.

Exercise proves the solution to what ails us with fitness experts around the world suggesting three hours of physical activity spread out within the week. Exercise can be in the form of hiking, running, aerobics, yoga, dancing and fast-paced sports such as football, tennis or basketball.

4) Take charge of your mental health

Often when people think about what a healthy lifestyle entails, they lay emphasis on the physical aspect and forget the mental part of things which is equally as important. It is the key to your overall health with emotions dictating your interaction with others and your social life.

Exercise is a great way to manage your mental health as is taking some time to sit down with friends and families to catch up on proceedings and just spend some quality time together. Getting your full night’s sleep- between 9 and 7 hours- also helps and indulging your hobby also betters your state of mind.

5) Destress

It’s a stressful world we live in today and while we can’t do much to avoid stress in the first place, there’s much we can do to get rid of it. Listening to music, getting down to a good comedy and meditation are excellent ways to unwind and forget all about your troubles.

A massage is perhaps the best way to de-stress is with the Hong Kong massage, in particular, especially effective at easing tense nerves and releasing pressure points around the body resulting from being stressed out. A warm long bath can also do the trick at the end of a grueling day at work.

As you can see, living healthy is as easy as ABC or, in this case, 1 through 5.

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