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Manisha Joshi


5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Watch 'The Good Place'

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6 months ago
6 months ago
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Any normal human being hates lectures. Don’t even get me started on lectures about subjects such as ethics, morals or philosophy. What if I tell you there’s an actual TV show that would teach you the same AND be funny AND lovable AND make you a better person at the same time? That’s what The Good Place is for you in a nutshell.

Although just the pilot is enough to get you to start binging, here are some reasons on why you cannot miss this extraordinary gem of the show. And when I say there’s nothing like this on TV, I mean there’s NOTHING like it on TV.

But before that, here’s a brief summary of what the show is about. It takes place in the afterlife, where four humans are taken to the good place (a place kinda like heaven), when one of them, Eleanor (played by Kristen Bell) realizes that she actually doesn’t belong there. How cool is that, a show based on afterlife? I would totes watch that.

1. It’s a Michael Schur Comedy

The Office, Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-nine; ring any bell? If you loved any of these shows, chances are you’ll love TGP too. Only in Schurverse will you find such an engaging comedy.

2. The cast is just perfect

You probably know Ted Danson and Kristen Bell, who are amazing actors. There are also other cast members that you will absolutely love, like Jameela Jamil who plays the role of Tahani or Darcy Carden who plays humanoid Janet. Each of them perfectly embodies their character and you can’t imagine anyone else playing them. The cast is very diverse, and yet that’s not the only thing that defines their character.

3. Characters that you fall in love with

Even if Eleanor is an Arizona trashbag as she likes to call herself, she’s the perfect anti-heroine. She’s constantly trying to get better, and the flashbacks of her life as a child will make you feel for her. Chidi (played by William Jackson Harper) is an ethics professor, and has lived his life unhappily because of his indecisiveness. My favorite is, however Janet, who is like Alexa, knows everything about the universe.

4. The ethics lessons

Be it Aristotle, Kant or Nietzsche, the show will take you on a moral journey that will make you rethink how you live your own life, without being too sentimental or cheesy. It never tells you what to do, it just lays out the options for you; that’s the beauty of this show.

5. The superb plot twists

If you think you can only go so far being in the afterlife, you are so wrong. The show has some serious twists and turns that will keep you hooked forever.

It has had 3 seasons so far, and all of them are available on Netflix. See you at The Good Place!

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Anish Avachat

Nice one!

6 months ago