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5 Reasons Why Must You Visit The Dooars This Winter

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8 months ago
8 months ago
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The alluvial floodplains in the foothills of Eastern Himalayas stretches from the Teesta River in West Bengal to Dhansiri river in Assam. The Bengal part of the Dooars is one of the serene landscapes that is slowly becoming a desired destination for many tourists. It is ideal to visit this place in between the months of October and January.


Here are the top notch reasons why Dooars should be your next vacation spot.

1. Places to Visit

Jayanti River

Not many people were aware of this place even in the last decade because tourism facilities didn’t flourish entirely back then. Now, with the Bengal Tourism publicity, people realised there is a lot Dooars can offer. The duration of the trip can be from five to seven days. Places like Gorumara National Park, Jaldapara National Park, Chilapata Forest and Buxa Tiger Reserve are a must for viewing wildlife. Not just wildlife, Chengmari Tea Gardens, Sumsing and Suntalekhola, Lataguri, Jayanti river, Buxa fort and many more places are there in here to cover in a single visit.

2. Savoury Dishes

When it comes to food, trust the Bongs. With the winters around, a variety of Bengali cuisines can satisfy your taste buds beyond expectations. The local cooks are available wherever you stay and along with it there are a large number of delicious options  available at small food outlets. You must try the authentic Bengali cuisine which includes small fishes from the streams, fresh vegetables and a variety of meat. Other than this, momos, noodles and Thukpas are a must from local Bhutanese outlets. You can even have Bhutanese liquor which is cheap and easily available.

3. Outdoor Activities


If you are not someone who can just eat and enjoy the beautiful landscape in Dooars then don’t worry, there are so many activities to make your stay interesting. Activities involve a great deal of trekking through the hills whether in Buxa Fort, Lepchakha village or Mahakal caves. In fact many travel packages are solely dedicated to trekking. Other than this, forest safaris are quite exciting which are available in many spots. Staying in the Bungalows amidst the forest, home stays and now, even in caravans are the multiple options available to make your stay wonderful. The couple friendly accommodations are coming up to make the stay more hospitable.

4. Worth the Money


Ultimately, everything comes down to the budget. This trip will give you the confidence that Dooars welcome all. The vacation expenditure is not only pocket friendly but quite flexible. Depending upon how much you want to spend, there are cheap home stays as well as luxury hotels to accommodate your needs. In order to suit your budget plans, plan the trip with the help of local trip planners.

5. Security and Safety

When it comes to travel, safety tops the list. Dooars is safe undoubtedly with police patrolling in all the major sites. The hotels and the home stays are cooperative and understand looking after the safety of the tourists. So women out there, if you are planning a solo trip, this could be one of the safest locations to be in. It is a place that welcomes all, be it aged, retired tourists or the young college folk, everyone’s safety is ensured. Crime and harassments are really low but still, take preventive measures while traveling for your own sake.

So, ready to plan your trip? Make sure you share your experience with us.

By Arkamita Ghosh

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