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5 Pocket-Friendly Restaurants in Chennai That Will Make You Want to Never Leave This City

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7 months ago
7 months ago
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Be it Saravana Bhavan’s patented filter coffee or the mouth-watering chat varieties from Sowcarpet, everything in Chennai happens at top notch, full volume. The weather in the city is always bright and so is the palatable delicacies found around the city. I could give you so many reasons as to why people never want to part away from the city but chief amongst it would be the people and the food they offer with a full heart.  Recently Chennai was ranked the second best metro city when it comes to ease of living and if you had your doubts about it this, then this list will definitely bring you once step to closer to understanding and accepting this.

To live in Chennai is truly an experience worth all the hype, which can be enjoyed even more with proper guidance. So here are our favorite picks for Pocket-Friendly Restaurants in Chennai:

1. Writer’s Café by Higginbothams (Gopalapuram, Velachey, Taramani)

Source- Zomato

A dainty-little European café with multiple outlets in Chennai, Writer’s café does the perfect job of satisfying your hunger and keeping you entertained at the same time. Well known for its serene ambience and the wide range of books that can be purchased here, Writer’s Café is the ideal place for a date night or budget-friendly hangout spot for friends.  What makes this place even more amazing is that a single scoop of ice-cream costs only 45 bucks, the value for money here is unbeatable.

Must Try: Lamb Peperoni Flammkuchen, Hot Chocolate, Ice Cream

Cost for One: 200 Rs. (Dessert Included)

2. Nair Mess (Triplicane)

Source- Zomato

Are you facing a budget crunch at month end? Worry not. Nair Mess located at Triplicane has you covered.  If you are craving home-style non-veg food, this is your go-to restaurant. What this place lacks in ambience it makes up with its food. The dishes here are simply yet delectable, the restaurant mainly incorporates Kerala style cooking techniques, using sea foods and coconuts as its base ingredients. Due to its venerated style of cooking apart from the long queue of regular customers one can always find the Nair mess jam-packed with visitors from throughout the country.

Must Try: Fish Curry, Meen Kozhambhu

Cost for One: 100 Rs.

3. Idlies (Ashok Nagar)

Source- Zomato

Rated as one of the most authentic South-Indian Breakfast restaurant in Chennai, Idlies is a humble restaurant located in Ashok Nagar and has everything you would expect out of a vegetarian restaurant: Colorful Flavors – Check; Neat and Pleasant Environment- Check ; Pocket Friendly –  Check; A feeling of home- Double Check. Combining the traditional flavors South Indian cuisine with a modern ambience, Idlies will not fail to wow you with everything it has to offer. If you are still reading this, what are you waiting for? Just hop in and have a quick bite at the Idlies to have an unforgettable culinary experience of your lifetime!

Must Try: All the Podi Varieties, Paanagam, Vella Dosai, Vatha Kuzhambhu.

Cost for One: Rs 150.

4. Fu Silli Reasons (Kilpauk, Gopalapuram)

Every time I want to eat like a boss yet stay on budget, Fu Silli Reasons has been my go to place. Earlier when there was only one branch of this place at Kilpauk, a large part of the crowd always had to wait outside the restaurant till their food was prepared and served but now  with a new branch in Gopalapuram, the establishment has amped both their service as well as their ambience. If you want to have a good time with a large crowd and not worry about the bill then Fu Silli Reasons at Gopalapuram is the place for you. Did I mention that the pasta served here is heavenly?  

Must Try: Mixed Pasta, Beetroot Mayo Garlic Bread, Chilly Cheese Toast

Cost For One: Rs 200 (With Lemon Tea and Soft-drinks)

5. Ponnusamy Hotel (Nungambakkam)

Source- Zomato

Under normal circumstances I would highly not recommend this place as a budget friendly restaurant but after tasting their mouthwatering Thali50 I changed my decision. The Thali costs around Rs.1470 and is meant to be enjoyed by four people, so if you have the right number of people with you this Thali has everything you would want from the a-la-carte menu. It has a total of 50 dishes with unlimited rice, gravy and rasam, the dishes in the Thali consists of rice, gravies, sweets and bread varieties which can be equally enjoyed by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Must Try: Thali50 Plate

Cost for One: 350 Rs (All courses included)

By Jeyashri Ravichandiran

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