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5 Parsi Cafes in Mumbai You Must Visit to Get a Taste of Parsi Culture

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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The funny thing about places is that they’re always full of stories. They outlive trends, fads, years, decades and still stay the same. Parsis and their legacy is an anthropologist’s delight. From the fire temples to the iconic Cusrow Bagh, they have a bit of their legacy in every part of Mumbai, as well as rest of the world. The Parsi community and their dwindling numbers have had an adverse effect on the Indian art, culture and economic sector. To commemorate the spirit of this lively fraternity, here is a list of Parsi cafes that don’t just leave your tastebuds yearning for more, but also leave with a sense of wonder. Soul food indeed.

1. Kyani & Co., Marine Lines

One of the most iconic cafes in South Bombay, Kyani is a true delight. From their Keema Pav’s to their raspberry soda, everything and anything on their menu is an absolute treat to your tastebuds!

It’s extremely easy on the pocket, so you can expect to have a hearty brunch for 2 in less than 300 Rupees!  

2. Britannia and Company, Fort

Britannia and co is famous for it’s Berry Pulav which lives up to it’ hype! A hit amongst all age groups, this place is always brimming with people and good vibes! Britannia is also one of the oldest Parsi restaurants in the city, so get ready for some fun tales from the yester years!

3. Yazdani Bakery, Fort

The wafting smell of Irani chai envelops you as soon as you walk into this quaint cafe. This boisterously  spirited joint is larger than life and is a pandora box of tales. If you ever want to soak in the rich history of South Bombay or just be left alone with your thoughts and experience the sepia toned magic of the old decades, this is the place to be!

4. Sassanian, Marine Lines

Sassanian has been around for a fairly long time. Owing to its iconic location and delicious mutton puffs, this outlet is fairly popular amongst college students because of its budget friendly rates and copious servings. Sassanian is always bustling with people and the staff is extremely friendly. If you ever want a homely meal in this city that never sleeps, this is the place to be.

5. Jimmy Boy, Fort

Not just a favourite amongst Bawas and Bawis , Jimmy boy’s mouth watering Dhansak and Salli Boti have found their way into the ordinary Mumbaikar’s heart. Bursting with flavours, Jimmy boy is an ode to good times and good food!

By Muskaan Bisen

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