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Movies+TV shows every Indian should watch to understand India better!

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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India has been a land with constant evolution of its politics, society and culture.It has been a magical mix of changes and continuity that makes every Indian inquisitive about it ,so what better than knowing India through a list of movies and shows you can watch to understand contemporary India in its entirety.

Pradhan Mantri Series: A 24 episode long series dealing with India's journey from1947 till2014.It is one of the most elaborate show with events of immense importance that shaped India's destiny,like the Emergency era,Khalistani movement,Babri masjid demolition,LPG reforms etc.Definetely a must watch!

Attacks of 26/11

A movie that encapsulates one of the most horrific terror attacks the world ever witnessed.The movie didn't do the box office numbers but movie's screenplay, Nana patekar's acting,impeccable explanation of jihad,are the highlights of the movie.


Bose:A web series that shows the life of Subhash Chandra Bose in his struggle as a freedom fighter and inner Indian politics with Rajkumar Rao portraying the protagonist with his exceptional acting skills.

Shahid:A movie that revolves around life of Shahid azmi a criminal lawyer and shows the darker side of Indian politico- administrative-judicial system in truest form.

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