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Manisha Joshi


5 Hollywood Movies That Will Change Your Idea About Love and Romanceverified tick

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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Romance is something that always sells. Whether it is books, TV shows or movies, it is a feeling that everybody can relate to. However, when it is so profitable, it is bound to get leveraged using the same repeat value. Representation of romance in movies has been too cliché. The wild goose chase behind the girl, the toxic relationship attributes the same old portrayal of couples. All of this makes for a very crooked idea of love and romance in the minds of people.

There are very few movies that actually show the reality of love. It doesn’t make us look through those rose-tinted glasses and actually shows the good, bad and the ugly of love and romance. If you’re tired of watching the same old story presented to you on a brand new platter, here are movies that might help on Valentine’s Day night-in.

1. Before Trilogy


If you think love only grows when you’re in constant touch with the other person, then this trilogy will change your mind. It starts with Jesse and Celine meeting on a train journey and then deciding to never meet again after it, in the fear that the spark between them will fade away. However, fate has different plans for them and they find each other finally. These three movies don’t follow the usual course of meeting and separation. Neither is the depiction of relationships all starry. It’s not perfect, it’s real; as Jesse says.

2. Her



This 2013 science fiction movie is bound to leave you all thinking and out of sorts. When Siri and Alexa have become so common, can you imagine someone falling in love with one such artificial person? An introvert writer, Theodore, falls for his artificial assistant Samantha because she is understanding and continuously evolves. Theodore takes her to be a real person and they talk about love, life, Theodore’s divorce and a lot of other issues. The movie has witty and thoughtful dialogues that will linger in your mind for a long time.

3. 500 Days of Summer

This movie is a story about Tom, Summer, their love and their relationship. This movie perfectly portrays the sureness and conflicts of the two people in the relationship. While Tom is very sure that Summer is the right one, Summer doesn’t believe in love and relationship. Yet, they give it try and it doesn’t work out. When Tom meets Summer again, she’s engaged. It shows that it’s not only our belief in love but also the person in question that matters when it comes to relationships.

4. Newness



Can we really find love with just one swipe? Newness on Netflix is a modern day love story. Martin and Gabby meet through a hookup app and try to build a relationship. Initially, everything goes fine, but soon boredom creeps in. They try various contemporary methods to spice their relationship. But, this only causes more problems for them instead. This movie is a perfect representation of the modern day hookup culture, and what happens when the honeymoon period in a relationship is over.

5. Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind



The movie revolves around Joel and Clementine, a couple who has broken up. Both of them decide to go through a procedure that will erase the memories of their relationship from their minds, unaware that the other is going through the same procedure. We see the movie through the mind of Joel, starting from the falling out. The lesson we take from the movie is that we are all imperfect, and therefore love is too. Love is messy, but that’s what makes it beautiful.

Do tell us which one of these of others have helped you change the way you look at romance and love!

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