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Delhi Government Schools Have Never Been Better. Who Gets The Credit?

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10 months ago
10 months ago
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It's unclear as to what the AAP has been doing since it came into power a while back. There have been many reforms into the way Delhi functions and what goes on in the city. Things have taken a turn for the best and especially sectors of education and health have been improving drastically such that it makes it feasible enough to say that government schools are more preferred than private institutions. And for all of this, the government of AAP is the be held responsible.

But one very prominent person to be credited is Atishi Marlena. Educated from Stephen’s College in Delhi and Oxford University in UK, Atishi is also a Rhodes scholar. She is the person because of whom the overall scenario of education has changed and bought so many transformations altogether. She was working as a consultant for Education Minister Manish Sisodia on a token salary of 1 rupee.

But recently she was sacked because she was a suspect in money laundering. There isn’t any credible evidence to support this, but the Central government clearly had issues with how Ms. Marlena was successfully running Delhi’s government schools. The Centre also claimed that Ms. Marlena was appointed with getting an approval from them. Let us take a more in-depth look as to what changes were actually bought into government schools.

1. Infrastructure

The one thing that all students would want is a solid infrastructure. AAP had made it evident that classrooms along with other activities area would be made and so they did. They built over 8000 classrooms with 10,000 being the end target and made it easy for all students to access these facilities and make it feasible for daily use.

2. Teacher training

This reflects the overall morale of the teachers as they were sent to Harvard and Cambridge universities to be trained in order to have the best faculty to teach in these schools.

3. Committees

Mainly in Delhi, schools that used to run after the day shift used to end very fast and no one would even care. Thus a committee was assigned such that even parents can take an active part in improving the overall scenario of schools and can also lock the gates such that teachers don't escape and leave them only when the time is right.

4. Special programs

Other than education several other programs were launched that could help students in learning new things and also give them a helping hand as to how to read and write. It was shown that almost 6-7 lakh student between 6-8 standard couldn’t read and write properly. But after the set up of such programs around a lakh of students were comfortably able to read and write.

5. Happiness programs

These programs were mainly conducted in order to give a relaxation time to the students of about 45 mins such that it gave them an external knowledge other than studies. Needless to say that it helped them to be more engaged in everything and made them proactive as well.

By Harshil Patel

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