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5 Instagram Accounts that are Spreading Body Positivity and Making the World a Better Placeverified tick

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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We often talk about how social media has set us up for having unrealistic expectations, about the perfect body to the perfect house and what not. This often results in having bitter experiences with social media.

But, of course, there is another side to this. On one hand, where there are beauty bloggers and influencers who show themselves as flawless human beings, being all clear skinned and without any wrinkles, stretch marks or cellulite, there are also people who celebrate them. There are various Instagram celebrities and accounts who encourage people to accept them for who they are, not falling into the impossible and ridiculous standards of beauty.

Here’s a list of such accounts that spread the word about body positivity and make the world a better place.

1. Jameela Jamil and her other account @i_weigh


Jameela is a British actress (The Good Place actress) who has been very vocal about body positivity.

She has an Instagram account called I_weigh, where she strongly supports that women are beyond their physical attributes. Not only that but she also openly calls out top celebrities who promote ‘detox teas’ and other laxatives for weight loss.

She recently criticized a cosmetic company, Avon, for its new advertisement for a cellulite cream, which had a tagline that ‘shamed women’. After this, the company apologized on Twitter. Such a great woman!

2. @theeverymanproject

The every man project works on one basic motto: All bodies are beautiful. It is a visual conversation about diversity as they like to describe themselves. While most of the body positive movements revolve around women, this one works to help men dispel toxic masculinity and become more open and acceptant.

They use a powerful and artistic approach that is sure to leave a mark on you and will help you to see men as a victim of toxic masculinity too.

3. @natashanoel001

(Source: @natashanoel001 on Instagram)

Natasha Noel is a bodyweight trainer. You may think she just posts a picture of her very fit self and tells people to work on their body, but she’s much more than that. She runs a #truthbombmon, where she tells the reality behind those perfect Instagram shots you see. Not only that, but her pictures are often accompanied with hilarious yet true captions about self-love and body positivity.

4. @mynameisjessamyn

(Source: @mynameisjessamyn on Instagram)

Jessamyn is a Yoga teacher and a very good one at that. She believes in “Every Body Yoga”, that Yoga and fitness are for everybody regardless of their body shape or size. She often talks that we should be how we WANT to be instead of what we’re expected to be. Jessamyn is an inspiration that we can achieve whatever we want to if we have the will to work towards it.

5. @selfloveclub (Milly)

(Source: @selfloveclub on Instagram)

Milly Smith is an all-rounder: from body loving to self-care and shaming diet culture, she does it all. She also talks about mental health in a lot of her posts. Milly shares a lot of posts where she encourages women to not be afraid of things such as a belly or hip dips. You go, Milly!

These are just a small number of people among many others who are making the world a better place and helping us embrace ourselves. Go follow them to make your mornings better!

By Manisha Joshi

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