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5 Essential Backpacking Hacks That Will Help for Every Trip

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10 months ago
10 months ago
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I have been backpacking since 2015. I have been to 24 states in India and five countries outside India. After every backpacking trip, I pick up at least one hack that helps me get the true essence of backpacking.


With this article, I will share with you five backpacking hacks that can help you travel better.

1. Distribute your money

One of the best money related tip out there is given by Warren Buffet, who said, “Never put all your money in the same basket”. The same should be applied when travelling as well. Split your money and hide them at different places. For starters, think of keeping some inside your fresh socks or sandwich some between your phone and it's back cover. Just refrain from keeping all your money in your wallet. Pickpockets will eye your wallet or purse before anything else.

2. Use (mobile app)


Travellers do not always have the access to the internet. When it comes to offline navigation, there are quite a few apps on the market available for free. While Google Maps is the most popular choice for GPS navigation, it is not the best one. is way more accurate than Google maps, especially when it comes to navigation through a remote location (think of a trekking trail) with or without internet connectivity. Just download the map of the state or the country and you would be set.

3. Carry Nutella, dry fruits, or some chocolates


Nutella has saved me from the horrors of starvation time and again. Every time I feel hungry but do not have access to food, Nutella comes to my rescue. High in energy, Nutella, or any chocolate (which is high in carbohydrates) for that matter, can provide instant gratification from hunger. It also helps if you are a vegetarian, and do not have access to vegetarian food.

4. Essentials go in your carry-on baggage


All your important things such as documents, earphones, camera, wallet, snacks, et cetera, should be kept inside your carry-on baggage and not your check-in luggage. Not only does it remove the risk of getting damaged, but also becomes easily accessible when you get bored during the long flight or while waiting at the airport. Having said that, do not stuff your carry-on baggage with excess items.

5. Rise and start early

Whether you want to see the museum, visit the historical site, or just any point of interest, arrive early. If it opens at, say 10:00 hours, be there by 9:55 hours or you will stand a chance to beat the queue - the more popular the site is, the longer the queue would be. In all probability, it would not be crowded at the opening hour and you may also receive special treatment by the officials. The same spot will become overly crowded by noon.

Let us know if these tips helped.

By Mehul

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