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5 Desserts at Pune Bakeries and Restaurants that are a Must Try

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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Pune is the perfect city for people who like to explore different cuisines. What’s better is that people with a sweet tooth have a wide array of options to choose from in this wonderful city. We have handpicked for you few of the best desserts available in Pune.

1. Pastries at Wild Sugar

It's hard to pick our favourite pastry from this cute little restaurant located near Konark Nagar on one of the busiest streets. The pastries are always fresh and flavoursome, just waiting for someone to dig into them!

Our two favourites include-

Chocolate Truffle Pastry is a delight for chocolate lovers. It has a rich chocolate cake base with creamy chocolate on the top, finished off with Choco frosting. Even though it’s all chocolate, it doesn't get too much as the sugar is just perfect.

Red velvet with cream cheese frosting: As the name suggests the cake is velvety, delicious and just the right amount of sweet. The frosting on top provides a tangy contrast which makes the pastry unique. The colored sprinkles on top take care of the aesthetic aspect.

2. Choco Lava cake from Bakers Brown

This bakery is located in Datta Mandir chowk in the heart of the street food district. Bakers Brown has a variety of fresh cakes and cupcakes in all flavours, shapes and sizes. But the one that stands out among all is Choco Lava cake available at just Rs. 40. The cake comes in a cute packaging and tastes best when heated. The cake is the perfect amount of sweet, unlike a lot of desserts. As soon as you take the first bite of the cake, the molten chocolate melts in your mouth and the after taste is just amazing.

3. Honey Noodles ice cream from China Grill

China Grill is one of the newest restaurants in Viman Nagar located near Cafe Coffee Day. The fine dine restaurant has really sophisticated ambience and is just the perfect place for a special dinner with loved ones.

The honey noodles ice cream is one of most unique desserts we have ever tried and we just can't get enough of it! At the base there are crunchy fried noodles, topped with vanilla ice cream. There are two types of sweetness in the desert: one from ice cream and other from honey. Not a lot of deserts can incorporate two types of sweetness but this one does it beautifully.

4. Absolute chocolate ice-cream at IceKraft

This ice-cream raises the bar for all other ice-creams in your life. It is humongous with 3-4 huge scoops of chocolate ice-cream, a lot of chocolate syrup and sprinkled with choc chips. The dark black ice-cream cone not only makes the ice-cream look really Instagram worthy but is also equally delicious and crunchy!

The ice-cream is definitely priced a bit high but you won’t have ice-cream cravings for another month after having this one. Overall, the ice-cream looks majestic and definitely worth all the hype!

5. Mango Mastani at Sujata Mastani

The essence of this dessert lies in its simplicity. The mango shake is fresh and refreshing and leaves you wanting for more. However, the best part if the shake is the mango ice-cream on top. The unique part about this drink is that even though both the ice-cream and shake are the same flavour, you still don’t get bored or too much of the flavour simply because of the perfect flavouring.

By Swati Singh

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