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5 burger joints in Pune to awaken your inner Jughead

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a month ago
a month ago
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Burgers are well on their way of becoming the internationally recognized symbol of American cuisine. Whether they are juicy, saucy,meaty or  cheesy , there are very few people we know who cannot say a no to them. Pune is home to some amazing burger joints; here is our list:

1.     The Burger Barn Café (Multiple Outlets)

Looking for a barn that sells burgers and also serves coffee (plus alcohol)? Then this is the right place for you ! The burgers here are big, messy and cheesy . They also have a WTF burger; it’s probably as tall as you (okay exaggeration aside, it’s pretty tall). You finish their WTF Burger challenge only if you eat the burger, a side portion of fries and a shake within half an hour and your photo goes up on their wall of fame; finish within 15 minutes and you meal is free. Priced at 600 INR for two, this is the perfect chill spot for you and your friends!

2.     The Indigo Burger Project Hadapsar

This quant and cozy little café has some of the best burgers in town, served with a side of fries in cute little baskets. The Crispy for the vegetarians and the Goan Chicken for the non-vegetarians are highly recommended. With the food at the café priced at 600 INR for two, do make space for their side accompaniments- fries, sandwiches, pastas and nachos- that amp up the menu. Also, you can never go wrong with their brownie shake.

3.     Burgertron (Baner and Wanowrie)

The steak at Burgertron is a must try; the thick, juicy patty which is sandwiched between the buns served with a side of coleslaw salad will be a meal you will come back to. What adds to the ambience of this joint is that it is a food truck; sitting by with your burger on a cool Pune evening is all you need to make a happy memory. The average cost for two here is 400 INR.

4.     Marz-O-Rin (MG Road)

Being a vegetarians surrounded by people talking about how a burger without meat is of no use can get dull; we recommend you try the Cheese Burger with zoom sauce here. The sauce is a special secret of theirs and one bite into that gooey burger will assure you that you made no mistake. It is a humble setting and costs 300 INR and the food is unforgettable.

5.     The Burger House (Koregaon Park)

Their meat platter, hot dogs and salads in themselves make the place a favorite, but their burgers are what people flock to the restaurant for. Try their chicken jumbo burger and veg buffalo style burger with a side of the house salad and you’ll be going back for more. The place is also known for their unique chicken wings. Priced at 400 INR for two, they also serve alcohol. 

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