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5 Bollywood Movies to Mend Your Broken Heart

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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There are everyday movies and then there are movies which can actually help you go through the toughest phase of your life. Relationships are tough and something as fragile as hearts get broken all the time. These are the times when you stick to your bedroom and soak in all the emotions while wondering if someone could help. Here are five Bollywood movies that you need to watch with some chicken soup, popcorn and ice cream.

1. Dil Chahta Hai

The 2001 classic is a must watch for everyone who needs a relationship guide. The story of three friends who choose different paths to find love is somewhat quite relatable to today’s generation. The characters are so life-like that you would appreciate their differences as well as individuality. It teaches you to respect every kind of love and inspires you to seek love in a practical way.

2. Luv ka The End

This 2011 film is the first thing you must watch since there is a lot of negative emotions inside you. This is a basic story about a girl who falls for the wrong guy and how with interesting turn of events, she decides to make him pay for his betrayal. The story treats the lead as not some weak person who lets the bad things happen to her but gives her the power to make things right. The story is not a sermon on the right or wrong, rather a very light-hearted narrative which will entertain you as well as make you realise your worth.

3. Pyaar ka Punchnama

This 2011 romantic comedy is full of epic comic reliefs and stunning sarcastic dialogues. The leads are immensely talented which is why the movie did really well in the box office. This movie takes off the romantic notions associated with love. It will help you to see through those people who have exploited your good will and gives you a reality check. The trio gives you friendship goals and makes you realise how much friendship matters. It will entertain you and at the same time, you will be mature enough to deal with problematic situations related to love and relationships.

4. Queen

Take a bow people for this 2013 blockbuster. The story is for everyone who feel they have zero shot in having a better life. It shows the journey of a middle class, small town girl who built an ideal romantic dream about her honeymoon. Unfortunately, the marriage doesn’t happen since the groom feels the bride won’t be a suitable match for him after his experience in living abroad. The bride gathers up the courage to experience her honeymoon alone and this gives her a lot of courage  and inspiration for being independent. This movie tells you that there are plans which might fail but then there are other unplanned situations that are waiting for you. You need to learn to let life surprise you with all the new experiences.

5. Dear Zindagi

Life doesn’t work out with an immediate predestined solution to all of our problems. This 2016 movie is a timeless piece to get you through with a lot of inspiration and optimism. When times are bad, not only do you face heart breaks but there are a lot of things which go wrong at the same time. The journey of Kiara makes you realise that there are reasons behind your mistakes and takes you back to those experiences where things have gone wrong. The story will unravel how we can fix our faults and move on as a better person. It also spreads awareness about depression. This shows life is much more than we think it is and it is upon us how we build it. Ultimately, the key to your happiness is you before anyone else.

These movies somehow summarises that family, friendship and love are very crucial but in order meet a balance, you need to experience some of the worst situations to build the best out of you.

By Arkamita Ghosh

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Srikrishna Ghosh Rbz

Well said !!!! ????

5 months ago 
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Indraneep Banerjee

5 months ago