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4 Practical Ways to Help You Get Rid of Bad Habits

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7 months ago
7 months ago
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Bad habits are a part of our lives. Almost everyone has some sort of habits which they continue knowing that affect them in a wrong way. Some of us may try to get rid of those but can't, since somehow they make us appeased, that's why those got started in the first place. Truth to be told, no matter how much they satisfy you, they hinder your life by being a disincentive to your ambitions and accomplishments. In some cases, they may even affect your physical and mental health.

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The question is- Can you expel your bad habits even when they satisfy you? And the answer is, of course, you can. You just need little patience and focus to achieve what you want to and follow these tips to have a better life- free from all the bad habits.

1. Choose a substitute for your bad habit

Getting rid of your bad habits is not an easy task, you need focus and things which can distract you from doing any bad habit you have. Therefore, think of a substitute in advance. Think of something which you will do instead when you'll have the itch to do that bad thing. For example, make up your find that whenever you will feel like consuming alcohol, you will start your favorite movie and will have popcorns instead or whenever you will start procrastinating, you will remind yourself of your deadlines and those will make you worry and hence you will get back to your work. You need to have a plan for what you will do, Whatever it is and whatever you're dealing with.

2. Change your environment or cut the sources

You need to change the environment which prompts your bad habit or cut those as much as you can which sets you off to do the same, for that matter. For instance, you know you will get to sleep if you will start studying on your bed, then sit on a chair and study. In this way, you are changing your environment which will not allow you to continue your bad habit. Another example, if you consume too much of coffee, throw all that you have and stop buying those. Changing these small things will change the outcomes, better changes, to be more specific.

3. Think of the better future

Visualise what it would be like to have cut that bad habit of yours. Think of yourself flourishing and smiling that you made it through. Think of getting up early, doing work on time and quitting smoking. These changes will make a huge difference in your life and you need to picture them in order to see yourself happy and succeed. If you are keen for a better future, then you will easily get rid of all of your bad habits.

4. Get with someone with the same habit

Maybe you can't hop your bad habits as the only person who can see you fail is you only. You always try to get rid of these habits in private and try not to let anyone know. Well, you need to pair up with someone with the same habit and decide to quit together. In this way, you can share each other's victory and you will feel obliged to drop as you know someone is now keeping track of your bad habits which will make you annoying so you will try to get rid of them as soon as possible.

By Bahaar Sikri

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