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3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Hiking Endurance

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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What is the best way to start? Anyone who wants to begin hiking has asked the same question. You have to tie your shoes and put on it, right? For some, their last hike was years ago, and their levels of performance and fitness are not as before. For others, it may be the first time. Performance Training Systems Coach gives the following advice: Keep in mind that the first step is always the hardest. Think of hiking as a new beginning and give the body enough time. You do not get fit with just one, but avoiding these beginner mistakes, you can achieve your goal. Here are three simple ways to improve your hiking stamina.

1.   Do Not Be Afraid To Make Pauses

The benefits of hiking are numerous. There is research that has shown that our life expectancy can be prolonged, depending on the pace at which we walk furthermore if we take it as a daily physical activity. We can then walk from our house to work if it is close to us. Choose your favorite: take a hike with friends for a weekend, in the park or the mountains. It is only necessary half an hour of walking a day.

Do not try to walk all the distance from the beginning. Start by dividing the hike into walking intervals. After all, all you have to do is follow a plan. In this way, you reduce the intensity and minimize the orthopedic stress of your hiking session. Over time you can lengthen the hiking parts and shorten those of walking until you can hike the entire distance without feeling exhausted. This basic form of interval training is particularly useful for beginners.

Your first Performance Training System could be like this:

•   Training: alternate between 3 min of trot + 2 min of walking during 20-25 min

•   Training: alternate between 4 min of jogging + 2 min of walking for 30 min

•   Training: alternate between 5 min of jogging + 2 min of walking for 30 min

•   Training: alternate between 5 min of jogging + 1 min of walking for 30-40 min

•   Training: alternate between 3-5-8-5-3 min of trot + 3 min of walking during 40 min

•   Training: alternate between 5-8 min of trot + 2 min of walking during 40-45 min

•   Training: alternate between 8 min of trot + 3 min of walking during 45 min

•   Training: alternate between 10 min of trot + 2 min of walking during 45 min


2.   Take It Easy- Less Is More

Many beginners tend to start too fast because of the initial enthusiasm. Usually, this leads to finish the hike at a few hundred meters. Also, it can take you to train too much and to have fatigue. The reason is straightforward: people tend to lose interest quickly when their goal is no longer fun. So our expert recommends us to start without effort. The body needs time and rest to get used to the new shots of hiking. Always choose a rhythm that allows you to have a conversation that is easy and relaxed. Increasing the training bit by bit and giving the body time to adapt to new efforts will lead to long-term success, better fitness, and a better running technique.

Make sure you start with very short distances. Are you still having energy? No problem. Increase the range a little more for the next session. But do not go and remember that it is best to start slowly. At first, the body needs time to adapt to the new training stimuli. The heart, muscles, metabolism, and circulation have to get used to the new workload. Give the body time and plan the training so that you can alternate days of rest and career.

3.   In The Variety Is The Spice

Do not limit your ambitions to hiking. Especially when you start it is a good idea to activate the cardiovascular system with other types of sports. This way you will continue training, and you will be able to balance the orthopedic effort. You can also challenge the body with a mix of workouts: an excellent complement to your performance training.

The first step is always the most difficult. Do not mind the fact of not doing everything correctly. Take advantage of your motivation and move on! Remember that hiking is in your genes. You cannot do it wrong unless you stay at home and do not start your hiking routine.

Good luck and have fun hiking!

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